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   Chapter 2 The Demon Of The Southern City

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"It hardly matters whether you admit it or not. The evidence collected by the police proves you to be a suspect!"

Marcus' suppressed voice echoed in Cindy's ears, making her heart tremble.

Cindy let out a sigh that brushed through his chest. She remained still with a stern face. Looking at her, Marcus felt heartbroken.

Marcus closed his eyes and resisted the urge to break into an uncontrollable sob.

There was nothing much that Marcus could do to change the situation. No matter how reluctant he was, he had to face the fact.

"Honey, you have to go with them, okay?"

Marcus said in a flat tone with a sense of stillness in his eyes. But as Cindy looked into his eyes, she caught a hint of coldness in his eyes.

Hence, as it turned out, Marcus thought she was the killer. That was the reason why he came after her.

It was not because he was worried about Cindy getting drunk.

Hearing such words from Marcus, Cindy's heart sank to the rock bottom.

How could she forget that the woman who got killed was Marcus' fiancee!

Now that she was dead, Marcus had every reason to hate Cindy all the more?

And why not? They had solid reasons to suspect Cindy.

Because Cindy liked Marcus.

For as back as Cindy could think, she and Marcus had been together for eighteen years!

Then, all of a sudden, just a month ago Marcus declared that he was going to be engaged. But surprisingly, his fiancee was not Cindy.

The news left Cindy devastated. How could she even take it?

Cindy tried every means to stop it.

Right from coquettish behavior to threatening calls to even sneaking through the window into his room and climbing onto his bed…

In the end, she was even kicked out of his house.

Cindy was on the verge of losing her mind. She was not being able to come in terms with the fact that Marcus chose some other girl over her.

In the past eighteen years, Marcus had never treated her in such a ruthless manner.

Unable to get his attention, Cindy thought of negotiating with that woman on her own.

Indeed, Cindy had a lot of conflicts with that woman. She even went to the extent of having a fight with her like a shrew.

But killing… It was something that made her tremble with fear at the very thought of it.

In fact, the woman had called her up the day before, but she refused to go…

So it was a plot!

A naked conspiracy! But, who could it be?

Thinking of that, Cindy's heart tightened. She bit her pale lip and the bitterness slipped into her throat.

Cindy looked up at him for one last time and asked, "Do you really think that I killed her?"

Cindy's feeble voice drifted in the car. She waited for Marcus to reply, but for a long time, there was no answer from him.

The uncomfortable silence made Cindy snort softly. With thick sour surging up her throat, her lips curved a few seconds later.

Cindy's porcelain face looked as fragile and desperate as a crescent moon.

She stretched out her hand slowly to the door followed her whole body that moved towards it.

Marcus remained unmoved.

Cindy stepped out of the car. Marcus clenched his fists all of a sudden and resisted the impulse to pull her back into his arms.

Her delicate figure looked lonely and cold in the darkness of the night.

Cindy did not turn back even for once and hence, so the pain in Marcus' eyes went unnoticed by her.

Cindy took brisk steps ahead towards the police cars.

She looked resolved and never look back!

The lights of the police cars kept on flickering.

But now Cindy didn't care about it at all. She didn't even care whether she would be labeled as a murderer or not.

It seemed as if her entire world had crumbled on the ground. The resolute look on her face was the outer cover that merely held together but inside it were the broken pieces of her heart.

Meanwhile, something that she was completely unaware of was that there was a group of black bodyguards in the shade.

Their guns were pointed at the policemen.

They had clear instructions from their master to protect Cindy no matter where she went or how long it would take.

If she had lost even a single penny, they would be killed like a thousand times! None of them could afford such consequences. So they would do anything to protect her, not to mention killing those policemen.

What everyone, even Marcus, didn't expect was that…

It had been barely two minutes since Cindy got in a police car.

"No --"

As soon as Marcus noticed something wrong, he got out of the car quickly and tried to stop the police cars. But before he could do that...

"Bang -"

All of a sudden there was a powerful explosion right in front of Marcus' eyes and the police cars were blown up in the sky.

A blazing fire was reflected in his eyes, and the impact of the heatwave and the gas continued to expand outside.

Marcus opened his mouth and seemed to be shouting out something, but his voice got lost in the explosion.

Marcus rushed toward the raging flames like a crazy lion, his heart throbbing painfully against his chest.

"Marcus, will you be with me all your life?"

"Of course, I will always be with Cindy."

"So will you be my groom?"

"Yes, I will put the most beautiful wedding dress on Cindy when you grow up."

"Really? Marcus, you have to keep your words, otherwise... "

"Otherwise what?" the boy asked,

his bright eyes full of love and indulgence. He slightly raised his chin and looked at the girl, who was much shorter than him.

The girl impishly gestured him to come closer.

The boy was smiling and squatting with eyes half-closed. The girl said, "If you don't keep your promise, let me tell you… You will lose the most precious thing in your life!"

"Ha-ha! That would never happen. You will be my bride when we grow up!"

After that, Marcus planted a soft kiss on the girl's forehead.

It was said that a kiss on the forehead was the most sacred and devout kiss.

'Sure enough, I betrayed her, so I lost her. This is what I deserved, ' Marcus thought to himself.

Memories of the past came flooding Marcus' brain.

His girl!

Marcus had used all his strength to protect Cindy. But now, he had pushed her into the claws of death.

Now he kept regretting and blaming himself. He could not get the scene out of his mind when Cindy got consumed by fire right in front of his eyes.

If Marcus had known that he couldn't save her when he sent her to the police, he would have never let her go.

Now that she had left the world, he would rather go with her into the fire.

"Master… Don't go there! It's dangerous!"

Seeing that Marcus fall on the ground because of the impact of the blast, all his men came forward and held him tightly.

"Let me go! Let go of me!"

Marcus was inconsolable. His eyes turned red as it was about to ooze blood as he glared at the flame. The flames of fire reached higher up throwing bits and parts of ashes from the blast. Suddenly, Marcus seemed to have gathered some inhuman strength as he threw away all the bodyguards who had tied him down.

As the bodyguards fell to the ground, Marcus broke free and rushed into the fire again.

Cindy's innocent face, and her pristine smile came in front of his eyes. He ran towards her with great joy.

But as Marcus tried to get closer to her, she disappeared into the thin air.

Suddenly, the blissful smile on Cindy's face turned in an aggrieved look. The pain in her eyes, her pouted lips and the redness on the tip of her nose were vivid in his mind, as if she were asking him why he left her alone. Why couldn't he trust her?

Looking at Cindy's face full of tears, Marcus felt as if a thousand daggers had stabbed into his heart.

Marcus kept moving in to the fire. Even the heat and the smoke kept him undeterred. Tears kept rolling down his cheeks.

But Marcus dared not close his eyes, not even for a blink. He kept his eyes wide open for fear that the moment he closed his eyes, he would miss her.

"Where are you, Cindy? Don't be afraid. I'm here. I have come to take you home. Let's go home..."

That night, Marcus' desperate cry echoed in the night sky of the Southern City.

That night, Cindy was taken away by the police because she became a murder suspect. Later, the news that she died in the explosion spread all over the Southern City.

After that night, a demon was born in the Southern City.

Five years later.

It was an enchanting night with beautiful rose petals strewn all around, splendid fireworks and romantic love covering the whole island.

In the empire hotel that was big enough to accommodate a thousand people, the most sensational wedding in the whole of the Southern City was going to be held.

"Mr. Marcus, would you take Emma Luo to be your wedded wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love, honor, and cherish, until death do you two part?"

The priest's voice echoed through the whole wedding hall.

However, the joyous environment was marked with an air of fear. The guest who had gathered in front of the stage, as well as the beautiful bride in the wedding gown, all held their breath. They were afraid that all this could disappear in a moment.

One, two, three... The clock ticked away as the moment came closer.

All of a sudden, the air around them seemed to be frozen.

His formidable personality, domineering look, and nonchalant attitude were intimidating enough to put a hall full of people to fall into silence.

In particular, his eyes were deep and intense. A look into his eyes felt like inviting trouble. Especially women could hardly resist the magnetic pull of his eyes.

No one dared to approach him.

He was the man, Marcus!

Marcus had emerged to be a legend in the malls of the whole Southern City!

Women swooned over him.

Marcus was infamous for his extreme emotions. It was said that he was as affectionate as he could be cold towards a person.

After Marcus lost his fiancee five years ago, no other woman could come close to him.

And for those who offered to touch him, he would make sure that they were moved out of the boundaries of the Southern City forever.

Therefore, many people thought that this young man would stay alone for the rest of his life.

However, absolutely out of the blue, just a week ago, he announced that he would be engaged.

And his girlfriend was the second daughter of the Luo Family, Emma Luo.

The men were shocked, while the women were left heartbroken and envious at the same time.

"Marcus… Sir?"

The priest couldn't help whispering to remind him of the long waiting time as all the guests and the bride were waiting for him to speak.


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