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   Chapter 1 Honey, You Are No Exception!

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Swoosh Swoosh

On a starkly silent night, the heavy gasps and rapidly prodding footsteps were unusually clear in the deep street alley.

Cindy Luo seemed to be rather flustered, her face red and her forehead covered with sweat as she staggered on her feet.

Every now and then Cindy Luo squeezed her eyes as she clutched her stomach with her hands to contain the sharp pain caused by excessive alcohol.

The alcohol was getting better of her with every passing moment. At that moment, she was in unbearable pain.

But Cindy Luo couldn't afford to stop!

Especially after she saw a familiar figure at the bar gate just a while ago.

Cindy Luo could still not get over the cold and condensing look on his face and his piercing eyes. At the moment, she could think of only one thing.

She didn't want to see him again!

She hated him so much!

That was exactly what caused Cindy to run all the way from downtown to this deserted street even though she felt extremely exhausted.

After a while, Cindy Luo's legs felt so heavy that she started to drag her feet till the time her legs started to feel numb.

Cindy Luo halted in the middle of the road and bent over. The stabbing pain in her stomach was pulling her down and her heart was pounding against her chest. She then took a deep breath.

The uncanny silence all round and night breeze biting into Cindy Luo's skin made her tremble.

All of a sudden, she felt a dull chill on her back.

She swallowed hard and turned around.

However, all she could see was the ruthless darkness staring back at her.

He… He didn't catch up! He did not come after her!

A mix of anger and disappointment flashed across her face.


How foolish of me? What was I expecting?" Cindy thought in her mind.

Had he not thrown Cindy Luo out of the house already? Yes! He had left her alone already.

He had made his choice. He chose the woman he loved and she was the one who would be his bride! And that was certainly not Cindy Luo.

And Cindy Luo…

She felt aggrieved and sad, with tears streaming down her face uncontrollably.

All of a sudden...


The sound of a sharp brake pierced the darkness of the night as a speeding car stopped right beside Cindy Luo.

And before she could even look up and see what had happened, she found herself wrapped by a big strong arm, the hand of which was covering her little mouth.

Next, the other hand wrapped tightly around her waist. Cindy Luo could feel the warmth of his body, which made her heart beat faster.

Before she could even react, she was forcefully pushed into the car.

"Phewww Let go of me... "

Cindy Luo struggled until she smelt a familiar perfume coming from the man. After that, she became a little calm.

However, the calmness was momentary. Barely two seconds had passed before Cindy Luo found her anger surging again and she started grasping even harder.

She struggled with all her might to free herself, but the more rebellious she was, the tighter the man held her in his arms.

The entire scene of the man driving her out of the house in front of the other woman came alive in front of Cindy Luo's eyes. How the woman had nestled in his arms as if they might have already made love...

The very thought of it felt like a dagger stabbing into Cindy's heart.

Cindy's eyes had turned red as blood, and she struggled even harder to free herself. She made up a strong will and put in all her strength to free herself from the stranglehold.

Looking at Cindy throwing her limbs while being in his arms, Marcus Huo' eyes darkened.

A momentary distraction on his part could have been enough for her to succeed in escaping.

Marcus Huo pursed his lips slightly. His hand that was covering Cindy's mouth slid down a little. And unexpectedly…


Cindy let out a scream and froze all of a sudden.

At the moment, Cindy remained still. She was too scared to move. She held her breath and even forgot to struggle.

Only her petite face was as hot as a soldering iron.

As for Marcus Huo, although his action was unintentional, at the moment, he had no intention of letting go.

Finally, it was not until Marcus Huo' handsome face got closer to her that she came back to her senses.

Cindy raised her hand and hit Marcus Huo hard on his



The sound of the slap echoed through the deserted lane as Cindy slapped him with all her strength.

But Marcus Huo stood up to it.

Even Cindy herself got a little confused.

Before she could even react, the man asked in a gentle and concerned voice, "How much have you drunk?"

Cindy was a little surprised. However, she was in no mind to reply to him. She bit her lower lip hard and turned her face away from Marcus Huo.

What was he trying to prove? Was he caring about her?

At a point when Marcus Huo, the man who planned to marry Cindy had thrown her out of his home, what was the point of showing concern towards her now?

Marcus Huo reached out his hand and turned her face towards him, but Cindy slapped him again.

"Don't touch me. Let go of me. It's none of your business!"

She growled at him in anger.

"I don't even care what you say!"

Not even a moment passed before the tender look on Marcus' face gave way to coldness.

His eagle-like eyes looked like black holes. Marcus held Cindy in his arms.

The next moment, Marcus took off his tie and unbuttoned the three buttons on his shirt. Then he tucked her chin with his other hand and let himself loose on her body. Cindy gasped as she felt his strong muscular body brushing with every part of her own body.

Cindy, stiffly, glared at the sexy man in a white shirt with her eyes full of anger.

"What... What are you doing? Let go of me."

Cindy could even hardly identify her voice as she spoke. Her voice sounded incredibly feeble and trembling.

"Honey, everyone should be responsible for their own deeds, and even you are no exception!"

Saying this, Marcus suddenly approached her and swept his breath into her ear, causing her to tremble lightly.

"What are you talking about? I don't understand..."

Cindy swallowed the rest of the words.

Her lips got closed together tightly by his lips. The slightest movement on her part would only make him press his lips harder on her.

Cindy's entire vision was blocked by Marcus's enlarged handsome face. And that made her even more afraid to look up.

Marcus' masculine smell surrounded her. Cindy didn't dare to breathe deeply. Even a little bit of his breath would make her feel limp and numb. Cindy was slowly falling into a daze. All she could hear was the sound of her heart beating against her chest. And now, even he could feel the pounding of her heart against his chest.

Cindy was deeply confused. The unrequited love over the years made her want to sink into it at this moment.

"Did you go to see her yesterday?" Marcus asked in a soft voice.

"What? What?" Cindy blurted as Marcus loosened his grip all of a sudden.

Just at a point when she felt she was about to suffocate, the strong pressure suddenly disappeared. Cindy took a deep breath and felt a little relieved. But his question left her baffled.

"She's dead!"

Marcus stared at her and continued.

"What? What did you just say? You mean that woman… That woman is dead?"

Finally, she was able to understand what he was talking about.

"Did you go to her yesterday? Just tell me the truth." Marcus asked again.

The words felt like a whip on Cindy's skin. She looked up in surprise. Then she looked straight into Marcus' deep eyes.

Was he the same person who was so doting towards her even a month ago? He even pampered her and took good care of her.

But now, all the tenderness in Marcus' eyes was replaced by coldness.

Meanwhile, some sound caught her attention.

Cindy's mournful eyes opened wide gradually. She rubbed her eyes to make sure that she did not see it wrong.

The chill crawled up her spine and she sat there dumbfounded.

In the dead of night, many police cars zoomed in and finally stopped around them.

Several policemen got off and stood beside the car.

They all looked at the care expressionlessly. Their piercing eyes made Cindy quiver uncontrollably.

"So… Do you suspect that I have killed that woman? No! I didn't!" Cindy defied.

At this moment, Cindy was at the end of her wits. She used all her strength to growl, her little face full of incredulity.

"But there are only your fingerprints on that dagger!"


Marcus' magnetic voice came again. But this time, it made Cindy's head explode in an instant.

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