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   Chapter 661 Tip Off

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Although Miller didn't want to see Jason feel sad and lost, he himself was not less worried. After all, Jason was their favorite child. If something did happen to him, he would seem to have a lot of responsibilities on his shoulders.

Silently, Miller turned around and went back to his room. After careful consideration, he decided that it was necessary for him to inform this matter to Joanna. If they all agreed, he would go with Jason even if he would die.

Jason was discussing their plan of this trip with his teammates, when he unexpectedly received a call from Joanna. He was a little surprised. He had called to inform her of his safety at the moment of the plane landing, and they had later called him back, but why? Jason was alert.

"Mom," Jason answered the phone.

Joanna spoke to him in a sobbing tone. Jason frowned. Apparently, Miller had told her their plan. So, Joanna was just worried about his safety.

In the bottom of Jason's heart, he had scolded Miller for thousands of times. But since he had come here, he would not give up his plan. After a long talk with Joanna, she finally agreed with Jason and asked him to take good care of himself and not to do anything dangerous.

Jason agreed without hesitation, and then both of them hung up the phone.

Jason angrily kicked open the door of the room and stared at Miller in front of him. At the sight of the phone in Jason's hand, Miller seemed to have understood everything. He could only sit there and dare not move.

"Uncle Miller, you... Are you still my friend? " asked Jason directly.

"Oh, it's all my fault, Jason. I called your mother, but I think we should inform her of this. It's unfair to them to be deceived by you. I just want

ng on his own will brought Miller into a difficult situation.

According to Miller's temperament, he would not take the initiative to seek peace, let alone compromise with Jason. However, Miller cared about Jason and worried about his safety.

Thus now, he needed to use his authority to control Jason, so that he wouldn't do things as he liked. After all, Jason was still a child.

Thinking of this, Miller sighed. He knew Joanna must be very conflicted in facing such a child.

"Stop!" A cold voice came from behind Miller. It seemed Jason still didn't trust him very much.

Hearing such a cold tone, Miller had to turn around. He couldn't understand why Jason talked to him like that. Was it just an illusion between them what they talked about just now?

"I didn't expect you, the child of the Yan family, to do such things!" Miller snorted.

He couldn't understand why Jason stopped him at this time. Hadn't they reconciled just now?

And from these, Miller came to a conclusion that he had to go against Jason as much as he could.

Only in this way could Jason think that he was normal and would not suspect him as he was now.

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