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   Chapter 660 The Threat

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 6076

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Looking at Jason's receding back, Miller felt funny in his heart. He wondered if Jason had suddenly changed his character. Otherwise, why did he suddenly want to have the exploration? Miller shook his head helplessly. He would never understand what was on Jason's mind.

Seeing that Jason had been out and in with his teammates, Miller was very happy. It seemed that Jason hadn't changed at all, and was still as strong as before.

Shaking his head helplessly, Miller walked past them. He felt as if he had been ignored by them. He felt very strange and couldn't help but take a look at them, only to find that it was Jason who was staring at him. Miller took a step backward subconsciously, but Jason stepped forward, "What's wrong with you? Why are you so absent-minded? Are you scared? "

Taking a look at Jason in disgust, Miller showed that he was not afraid of anything. He was just worried about Jason. Seeing that a group of members were preparing carefully, Miller could not help but feel helpless.

"Why are you looking at me then? Aren't your team members going to prepare for the meeting? "

Looking at the child in front of her helplessly, Miller didn't know what he should say to him, nor did he know if he should tell this news to Joanna and others. At least, he could let Joanna be mentally prepared.

"Uncle Miller, what happened? What's the matter with you? I didn't mean to look at you, but you are so frightening. Aren't you planning to ... while we are having a meeting? I think it might be a shameless thing. "

Thinking of this, Jason felt helpless. Maybe things were not as simple as he thought. Anyway, Jason was worried.

Jason kept on saying a lot in front of Miller, but he didn't know how long and what he had said. He just felt that Miller standing in front of him seemed to be

t was normal for him to be with Jason every day. But now as Jason was doing such a dangerous thing, he really didn't know what to do with it.

Facing the eager eyes of Jason, Miller was at a loss. He did want to help Jason to fulfil his dream, but the danger ahead kept him from taking the risk.

"What's your opinion, Uncle Miller? I don't usually beg others like this, you know? It's the first time I beg you. Since we are so familiar with each other, please help me!" Jason pleaded.

Miller pretended to be very angry and stared at Jason. He knew that he was afraid now. At this time, he didn't see Jason show his rare smile. Presumably, he would be very happy if he gave his permission. Thus Miller knew what he needed to make sure was Jason's safety. And if he let Jason stay with him, he wouldn't be so worried.

"Jason, do you really want to go for the trip? If you have made up your mind, I will go with you. But you can't cry for pain or tiredness, or I will take you away at any time!" Miller told Jason seriously.

Jason nodded. Since he had decided, he had no intention of flinching.

Miller also nodded. He had seen Jason grow up. Now he had no reason not to help him realize his dream.

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