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   Chapter 659 Communication

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He was in a good mood in an instant, and other things could be ignored.

"Well... Uncle Miller, I... I'm here to confess! "

Jason faltered, as if he had thought of how Miller would punish him. However, facing the person in front of him, Miller couldn't help but feel a little helpless. He couldn't bear to be so serious about Jason.

"To confess? Jason, what's wrong with you? Are you dreaming? Are you out of your mind or did you do something shameful again? "

Sitting leisurely on the sofa, Miller tapped the armrest of the sofa with his fingers. The situation turned complicated and confusing. It was unknown how Jason would be. Was he in a good mood or in a bad mood? Or Miller himself did not know how to deal with Jason now.

"Yes, Uncle Miller. How dare I lie to you? And I really didn't know how to explain everything to you when I saw you so angry just now. I've been looking forward to this adventure..."

Jason lowered his head and didn't dare to look at Miller in front of him. It seemed that he had already expected what he would look like. Gradually, Jason seemed to have an impulse to escape here as soon as possible. Fortunately, he found the problem in time.

"What? Jason, you are getting bolder and bolder now. How dare you do it without permission? What do you think is going on? If you don't tell me, you will see how I will teach you a lesson today! "

Miller was very serious. After hearing what Jason said, he felt even angrier, and the corners of his mouth kept rising, as if he was thinking about something. He didn't even know why Jason had the courage to do so. This kind of happenings was really surprising.

But now, Miller was not so angry a

and now he had done a good thing for himself.

"So, Uncle Miller, you won't blame me, will you? That's great. I'll tell others right now."

As soon as Jason finished speaking, he wanted to rush out of their room, but he was stopped by Miller, "What? Do you still need to look for them now? Don't forget that I'm your temporary Guardian now. You should know what you are going to do. I warn you that you should obey me in this exploration, you..."

Jason was eager to speak something but stopped on a second thought. He gradually understood what Miller meant. To be honest, Miller didn't like adventures at all, but he had to take care of Jason.

After all, Miller didn't want to see Jason's sad face all day long for the exploration. Thinking of this, Miller looked at Jason and retorted with a snicker, "Don't worry. I'm not interested in your exploration, but for the sake of your identity as Jason, I can take care of you. That's okay."

Then Miller rushed out of the room, because he knew what Jason was going to do to him next. If he didn't leave at that moment, it might be impossible for him to leave later.

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