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   Chapter 657 The Travel Between Two People

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 6555

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Jason jumped off the suitcase and said with a smile on his face. Although he disliked the man, Miller, for his stupidity, he soon realized that it was another trick of Jason.

In order not to be fooled by Jason, Miller took a look at the time. It was not appropriate to call Joanna to confirm now. When he was hesitating, two air tickets appeared in front of him.

"Uncle Miller, I really didn't lie to you. Look, this ticket was booked for us by Uncle Glenn!"

Seeing that the invoice was the beginning of the Yan group, Miller finally believed Jason's words. He took the ticket reluctantly and asked, "Then why didn't you inform me earlier? I didn't bring my luggage with me, and it was so early. Why didn't I prepare it at all?"

"Uncle Miller, if I had informed you earlier, wouldn't you have been well prepared? But this time, our goal is an outdoor trip. I just want to test your adaptability!"

Hearing that, Miller was stunned and stared at him discontentedly. Although he was a little younger, there were a lot of things in his mind. He even knew to test his adaptability. "Jason, why don't you go to heaven? Why are you so unreasonable? At least let me take my luggage with me. What if I don't have clothes to change?"

No matter how many tickets Jason stuffed into his hands, he said, "Well, uncle Miller, you have to trust me. We will find a way. Besides, you have brought your wallet, so..."

"Jason, is there anything like you? It's all your fault, but you said it so easily. I really should turn around and go back to sleep now!"

Jason had already walked towards the security check. At the thought of this, Miller had an impulse to turn around and leave. However, even though Jason was smart, he was still a child. If he left like this, and if something happened to Jason, he would feel guilty!

He turned around and shouted at the back of Jason, "Jason, wait for me. Since your parents have handed you over to me, I have the respon

all curious about the rain forest, big or small.

"Well, let's have a good rest in the hotel tonight. This is the list we need to prepare. If anyone hasn't prepared the equipment, you can prepare it before today, because we have to take a helicopter to get in tomorrow!"

At first, Miller was a little mentally prepared, but after hearing the introduction of the guide, he couldn't help peeping at Jason. He really didn't know what this guy was doing here?

It was said that there were people from the primitive tribe in the rain forest. If they were mistaken as unfriendly, they would definitely die!

When Miller and Jason returned to their room, Jason had already started to pack his things. Opening the suitcase, Miller was stunned. It was not his clothes at all, but some simple equipment. He couldn't get close to Jason calmly. "Jason, you It turns out that you have already prepared it. What about me? Have you prepared any equipment for me?"

Jason took out a single lens reflex camera from his suitcase and handed it to him. "Don't worry. I will ensure your safety. You just need to take photos!"

Hearing that, Miller was stunned. Jason was still a child. Could he really adapt to everything in the rain forest? He couldn't imagine what would happen after they entered the rain forest!

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