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   Chapter 655 A Harmonious Atmosphere

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"Joanna, what's wrong with you? We are a family of four now. Why are you still?"

Jason was afraid of lying next to Joanna. The scene in front of them made them both envious and jealous. Wilson had everything, and his life could be described as perfect.

Jason proudly looked at Miller who was standing at the door. That man usually looked indifferent, but now seeing such a scene, he might also feel very lonely.

Standing outside the door, Rita was moved and didn't have the heart to go in. Glenn gently patted her on the shoulder and said, "Well, what are you doing? See how happy they are."

Rita rolled her eyes at the man beside her and said, "You know what?"

Jason ran to Miller and put his head on her shoulder out of his dignity as a man. "Uncle Miller, I'm sorry!"

Patting him on the shoulder, Miller said, "It's good that you know you're wrong. By the way, you must wait for me to be obedient in the future. As for your so-called adventure of running away from home, it's not fun at all. So don't let us worry."

Hearing that, Miller blushed. Jason was a shy and sensible child. Now that he was scolded by Miller in front of so many people, he naturally had a little complaint, but because he did something wrong this time, he dared to face it!

"Uncle Miller, you are so serious. Be careful not to find a girlfriend!"

Hearing what he said, Miller was speechless. He was not in the mood to think about the so-called love. He looked at Jason and burst into laughter. "You brat, do you believe that I will tell everyone about your girlfriend?"

Jason lost his temper all of a sudden. He obediently lay down next to Joanna again, and her hand stroked his hair. "You, don't talk to him anymore. Uncle Miller has a high taste. Ordinary girls won't like it!"

Looking at the other people, even his best friend, Joanna, began to make fun of Miller. He glanced at

uture, so..."

Jason nodded. In his opinion, he always wanted to be a good child and be respected. "Mom, the past is the past. I know you are doing this for my own good. I will be an example for my brother and sister in the future!"

Joanna nodded happily. Looking at Wilson's face, she felt as if he had been rejected by them.

After Joanna recovered, Wilson went through the discharge formalities day and night. When she returned to the villa, the man took her upstairs to her room in person, not allowing her to go by herself, which made Joanna very distressed!

"Don't be like this, as if I can do nothing. I have the experience of pregnancy, and I have my own discretion. Don't worry!"

"Joanna, listen to me. I'll do it. Let me behave well for our future child."

Joanna was speechless. She had no choice but to lean against the bed and look at the man who was busy and clumsy. She couldn't help laughing. "In fact, you can ask aunt to help me with these things."

As the child's biological father and the husband of Joanna, Wilson rarely experienced taking care of his wife and children. He would not give up so easily. "No, I have to do these things myself, so that I can understand the pain of being a parent and feel your hard work!"

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