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   Chapter 626 Expectation

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For a woman?

Joanna frowned slightly. The only woman that Glenn liked was Rita. If he fought for the woman he liked, it must be Rita. "You mean he has reconciled with Rita?"

Wilson nodded. At least, the two met last night, and they should be happy to see each other again.

Joanna breathed a sigh of relief. "That's good. I'm really worried about Rita. Every woman there has a boyfriend or a husband accompanying her during the pregnancy test. Only Rita..."

Wilson also felt sad for no reason. When she was pregnant, he seldom stayed with her, but this woman had never complained about it, and she hadn't even said a word to blame him. He held her tightly and said, "honey,

sed away. Glenn waited for Wilson to go back to his own office so that Glenn could say goodbye to him. However, after the meeting, Wilson and Joanna didn't come back for a long time. He called Wilson and knew that something had happened to Jason in the kindergarten. Now Glenn was in charge of the company's affairs temporarily.

With a mournful look on his face, Glenn slumped into his chair. He knew that Jason must have had encountered something urgent at this moment. Thinking of Rita, Glenn almost went crazy.

Rita also knew his off duty time. From the moment he got off work, Rita had been calculating when this man would arrive at her apartment. Her heart kept beating.

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