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   Chapter 625 A Strange Man

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Knowing that the man was stubborn, Rita had no way out. She put away the medical kit and went back to her room directly. Glenn was left alone in the room without knowing what to do next. Rita was being rather callous but he could do nothing about it. He could only stand up and look at the woman's back while calling. "Rita..."

Rita held back her excitement. She knew well this man was always like this. Even if he did something wrong, he would not apologize, nor say something nice to coax her. Only when Joanna was missing, would he ever hug her and comfort her. And now he returned to his pitiful look.

Rita was so angry that she pretended to have heard nothing. She turned around and was about to close the door when Glenn acted quickly and stretched out his arm directly to stop her. Then his face twisted fiercely. Rita nervously opened the door and asked, "What are you doing? Do you want to get killed?"

There was undisguised nervousness and worry in her eyes, which excited Glenn so much that his lips curved in a smile, "Why, you care about me actually?"

Rita pushed him away violently and accidentally touched his wound. Glenn shrank back with an involuntary gasp. Rita stood aside and looked at his painful expression on the face, "You deserve it. Who told you to fight with others?"

"But if we don't fight, my wife and children will run away with him!"

he muttered with self- mockery. At the same time, he looked a little aggrieved. Rita snorted and went back to her room to get him a quilt and a pillow. There was no other room for him to sleep, so he could only rest on the sofa. The light in the living room was turned off, and only the dim light was emitted from Rita's room. It was difficult to see the expressions on the two people's faces clearly. Glenn stared at Rita pitifully. His eyes were so reluctant to move away as if they wanted to imprint Rita's image in his mind.

Looking at the man, Rita felt sorry for him, but she believed she should teach him a lesson. So even at the moment, Glenn appeared so pitiful, she just said good night to him, turned around and left.

Back at her bed

Wilson returned to his office at last, he found Joanna's face was overcast with sullenness. She believed that the two men in front of her were obviously colluding with each other. She could not imagine how many bad things her husband had done with Glenn.

"Honey, what Glenn said was just a joke. You can tell from the expression on his face that he was deliberately framing me. So please don't..." Wilson tried to explain.

"Mr. Wilson, I don't seem to understand what you are talking about!" Joanna replied smilingly.

Wilson's face turned livid with regret. Looking at the sullen expression on Joanna's face, he had supposed that she was angry because of what Glenn said about him. Now he was suspected more because of his explanation. Alas, He patted himself on his forehead mournfully.

"No... Nothing, really! " he exclaimed.

"Yes? Do you think of your love affairs outside or miss the past?" Joanna sneered.

Embarrassed, Wilson replied, "No. I'm already satisfied with you being by my side!"

"What's wrong with Glenn then? Why was he so happy with his wounds? Is he out of his mind?" Joanna went on with her question.

Wilson didn't think so. In his eyes, Glenn was always a man who knew what he was doing. Thus, Wilson believed he might be really angry so that he would fight with someone else like this. And he also believed the reason why Glenn fought was obvious, which was- for a woman!

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