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   Chapter 541

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 6997

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"Dad, what are you doing?"

Jason's voice rang out in the room. Wilson had forgotten that this was his room. Unexpectedly, Jason suddenly woke up. He opened his eyes wide and stared at Joanna and Wilson in the corner. Then, Joanna pushed Wilson away and coughed violently. At the same time, Wilson patted her back and said, "nothing. Mom is a little tired."

Jason rolled his eyes and thought for a while. Joanna was supposed to have a rest since she was tired, but Wilson forced her to the corner. Was she tired? It didn't look like that!

Wilson had thought that Jason would go to bed obediently after he explained it to him. Unexpectedly, Jason tilted his head to look at them. Wilson couldn't stand it anymore. Joanna looked at Wilson in a reproachful look, who had been pinching his arm hard all the time. They had never expected they could accidentally wake up Jason How should they explain it to the son.

"Jason, go to bed now. Mommy is tired. Daddy is going to take mommy to bed!" Wilson's tone became serious, but Jason was not afraid of him at all. Seeing his serious face, the little boy laughed unexpectedly. "Don't think I don't know what you are doing. Dad, mom, just keep doing your own thing. I didn't see anything!"

With dissatisfaction, Joanna pushed Wilson away and walked over to tuck Jason in the quilt. Unexpectedly, his little hand suddenly reached out and touched her belly. "Mom, is there a little baby here?"

Joanna turned around and walked in front of Wilson and sternly warned him that it was time to go to bed when Jason saw the embarrassed look on her face. Then Joanna left the room first.

"Jason, do you want a brother or sister?" Wilson suddenly sat on the edge of the bed and talked to Jason about a very serious problem. He felt that Jason was sensible enough and could understand what he meant.

Sure enough, Jason was very happy that he would have a brother or sister in the future. He nodded and pushed Wilson away, asking him to do his work and bring him a sibling as soon as possible. Wilson nodded and told Jason to go to bed early, and W

ad grown up and became mature enough and that she could give him a computer.

When Joanna was still hesitating, Wilson had brought the computer to Jason. No matter what Jason did with the computer, Wilson would show no objection. It was a pleasant thing for Wilson to know that Jason was willing to get involved in new things.

Joanna was very dissatisfied with what Wilson had done. She was afraid that if things went on like this, Jason would be addicted to the Internet. Playing online games was not good for his physical and mental health and eyesight. But Wilson turned to her and said calmly, "Honey, you think too much. Our son doesn't even play toys now. Do you think he will play those childish computer games? Do you know what he is doing every day?"

Joanna was stunned. She only saw Jason reading newspapers or sitting on the carpet in a daze every day. As for those toys, he hardly played with them. What he behaved was totally different from his peers.

Jason ignored them and took the computer as his new toy. He went to his room and closed the door to study it.

"I really don't know if it is good for him or it will destroy him!" Joanna looked at Wilson in a sullen face.

It seemed that Wilson didn't worry at all. His son was born to be strong and intelligent, and he would definitely become more and more outstanding. Wilson only deemed those worries unnecessary.

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