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   Chapter 534 The Talented Baby

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 6312

Updated: 2020-07-23 00:13

Time passed quickly. In a twinkling of an eye, it was Christmas. Jason, who was already half a year old, was put on her clothes by Joanna. It was snowing heavily outside. It seemed that Christmas would be celebrated in a snowy day again.

Due to the blurry temperature difference between the room and the outside through the glass, people could see faintly through the window. After putting on clothes for Jason, Joanna went downstairs with him in her arms.

Miller and Rita came to the villa early in the morning. Seeing that Jason was wearing a lovely cotton coat and crawling happily on the sofa, Miller happily picked up her and kissed her little face. "Joanna, your son is so handsome."

Joanna just smiled and shook her head. However, at such a young age, Jason was indeed outstanding. He had fair skin, a round face, and big eyes. Rita also loved him very much. She walked over to him and tried to hold him.

"You are shameless. Why don't you let me hug him? It's unfair!" Rita said indignantly with her hands akimbo.

"Fair? How dare you mention fairness to me? You are so ugly, and the little baby will definitely dislike you!" Holding Jason in her arms, Miller looked like a winner.

On the other side, Jason turned a blind eye to the two people. He gave the two people a look of disgust and continued to sit upright on the sofa, watching the fun coldly.

His serious expression amused everyone present. For the first time, Joanna found that her son had grown up. He looked as serious as Wilson.

Unwilling to give up, Miller stepped forward and poked him in the face with her finger. "Ouch, do you still look down upon me? I'll pick you up with one hand. Believe it or not!"

Rita followed them. Since the birth of Jason, the biggest pleasure of the two was to amuse Jason. Jason didn't take the two people seriously at all, and even sniffed at the words of Miller.

w everything depended on the arrangement of Joanna. After all, she had to take Jason with her. Jason looked sideways at the three people and didn't care about their entanglement.

"Wilson said we would have dinner together tonight, and Glenn will also come," said Joanna, looking at Rita with an evil smile

Rita's eyes lit up as he saw that his two best friends had found a home, leaving him alone. He sighed sadly and looked at Jason. He tried to hold Jason in his arms, but he didn't expect that the latter would climb to the other side in disgust.

"Joanna, now even your son dislikes me. He is so young and knows nothing!"

Joanna and Rita looked at each other. At this age, they had already found a home, and only the Miller hadn't been settled yet. They were worried about him.

With Jason in Joanna's arms, she said, "You should find a girlfriend at this time. Don't hurt my son! "

Jason nodded in agreement with Joanna. Wilson walked in from the outside. Being mocked by Jason, Miller and Rita were in a bad mood. They stood aside sulkily, like eggplant beaten by frost.

Wilson handed the flowers to Joanna, "Thank you, honey!" Then he kissed her on the forehead and asked, "What's wrong with you? Aren't you happy at the festival?"

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