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   Chapter 533 Wish You Happiness

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Seeing that Jason was fine, Joanna was in a better mood. Holding Jason in her arms, she looked at Peterson gratefully, "Thank you. Thank you for not hurting my child. I was really scared before I came here..."

Peterson just smiled. He pulled Joanna to sit down on the sofa, and the two of them sat down and chatted quietly as if they had been old friends for many years. "Look at me. Am I a bad person? How can I hurt a child who has just been one month old?"

Joanna smiled. Although she hadn't known Peterson for a long time, she could tell that he was a man of great love and friendship. Although she didn't know why Peterson hadn't been with Selina in the end, his love for Selina couldn't be underestimated!

"Selina I think you must love her very much, right?"

Peterson sighed and nodded. He told the story between them and emphasized that she had the same eyes as Selina. With a smile, Joanna asked if she was a substitute for Selina. Peterson did not deny it, but soon the man raised his head. "Yes, it was in the past, but not now. After getting along with you for only a month, I found that I fell in love with you!"

Joanna's face turned red. She was satisfied with Jason in her arms. Although something bad happened, no one was hurt. Thinking of Wilson, she stood up with Jason in her arms and was about to leave. Peterson stood up nervously from the chair. He didn't know when he could see her again. He was a little reluctant. "Joanna, can you stay here for a while?"

Joanna was stunned. Since she had already received the child, she had to hurry back to the side of Wilson. She knew that the man was still worried.

"I'd better not bother you. I'll take the child back now." She turned around and walked out, but Peterson followed her out. "Joanna, can we meet again in the future?"

Joanna nodded, "Of course you can.

im. As a result, she was severely bullied by him.

Looking at the little woman under him, Wilson was in a good mood.

"Honey, shall we have another daughter?"

Looking at him shyly, Joanna patted his shoulder and laughed at him for being silly. They couldn't decide whether to have a boy or a girl. What if they had a son again?

"It doesn't matter. I can afford to raise two sons. How about we have more children?"

He smiled at her. Joanna's face was always red. And Wilson was in a good mood. Lying next to her, he still held her tightly. "I hope we will be quiet in the future. You can rest assured to be Mrs. Yan!"

Joanna said, "Okay, you make money to support the family, and I'm responsible for being beautiful!"

Wilson nodded. He hoped that she could teach her husband and children well at home, and it would be better for them to have a few more children to raise, so that their lives would be interesting!

"When did you become so glib? If you want a daughter, it depends on your performance!"

After saying that, Joanna smiled and left. Looking at her face, Wilson felt extremely happy. She really hoped that such a happy day would happen every day. At least, he could see the smile on Joanna's face.

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