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   Chapter 532

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 7141

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"What's the second one?" Wilson asked nervously. He could see that Peterson did it on purpose. He was worried that her second condition would not be a better condition.

"I want Joanna to take the child back alone. Remember, she can only come alone!" Peterson's offer even startled himself. It was a rare opportunity for Peterson to strike back. He had never expected that the person he wanted to meet most was Joanna. He was stunned for a few seconds before he slowly came to his senses. Peterson was sure that he was right about what he was thinking!

Wilson took a look at Joanna, who was lying beside him and also heard Peterson's request. She nodded, but Wilson hesitated. He was afraid that the request would hurt Joanna again. When he hesitated, Joanna suddenly shouted at the phone, "Peterson, I promise you, but don't hurt my baby, please! "

Peterson agreed to her request. As it was her child, he paid special attention to it and even sometimes stared at the baby in trance. How wonderful would it be if this child was his son. He touched Jason's lovely face and smiled wantonly. "We will meet soon!"

Wilson still wanted to say something else, but the phone was hung up by Peterson. He stared at Joanna and said, "don't go there alone. It's dangerous!"

Standing in front of Wilson, Joanna shook her head automatically. "No, I can't. our son is still under his control. This time, even if it's dangerous, I have to take him back on my own!"

Her attitude was firm. Wilson knew that Peterson did it on purpose. He didn't give them any chance to negotiate. In the end, he agreed to Joanna's request. He held her in his arms and said, "Joanna, I..."

He couldn't say sorry. As a proud man, Wilson had never said sorry to anyone. This time, he couldn't say sorry either, so he could only hug Joanna to show his apology.

On the flight to Country G, Wilson sent her to the airport in person. Standing in the hall full of people, Wilson held Joanna tightly. At this moment, he looked very helpless, as he was unable to protect their son. He looked at Joanna with guilt. "Joanna, I'm sorry. It's my fault. I didn't protec

Peterson looked at her and felt a little nervous. He wanted to comfort Joanna, but he didn't expect that Joanna would not give him such a chance. She was very resistant to his hug.

"Peterson, I hope you can understand now that I'm not only Wilson's wife, but also the mother of Jason. I'm sorry that I can't be with you!"

Peterson also became agitated. Afraid that he would do something to hurt herself and her son, Joanna eased her tone, hoping that Peterson could calm down and realize what he was doing. At the same time, she was still grateful to Peterson for taking care of her when she lost her memory, even though she knew that Peterson was the chief culprit. "Jason is still a baby that he knows nothing. Even if you want to blame us for your miserable life. Please don't hurt my baby. I really need my baby! "

Instead of being firm and calm, Peterson was still quite nervous. He had never done anything to hurt Joanna. Now Peterson only hoped that this man could return the baby to her as soon as possible.

Peterson sighed and asked someone to take Jason out. Immediately, Joanna ran to the person who held the baby in his arms. She looked at the child worriedly and found that he was all right!

"Don't worry. I won't hurt your baby. I just want to see you again. If it weren't for this way, I'm afraid it would be difficult for me to see you. You have been protected so well by Wilson every day!"

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