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   Chapter 531 What's Their Purpose

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 6413

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Wilson looked at the depressed face of Joanna lying on the bed. He didn't expect that his son was taken away on the first month of his life, which was no different from a challenge to him.

He pounded the wall with his hand and ordered, "Get the surveillance video!"

No one knew why they took away a baby, but since they dared to take his son, Wilson would not let them go.

The two aunts told them everything in detail, but there was no clue at all. They were knocked out from behind when they were changing Jason's diaper in the bathroom. It was not until Joanna came in and woke them up that they found the baby was missing.

The two of them, Rita and Miller, stayed by the side of Joanna, while the two of them, Wilson and Glenn asked people around to look for Jason.

The thing happened in the hotel. And Wilson is the client. The manager of the hotel came to him with all the straps of the hotel. With a gloomy face, Wilson waved his hand, and the Glenn sent people out to look for Jason. While Wilson stayed in the room and stared at the surveillance video of that day. Because he couldn't see what was happening in the bathroom, he watched the video for countless times in a few minutes. During this period of time, there were not many people passing by, and there was no suspicious person in the corridor to enter the bathroom.

Things were at a stalemate. They didn't even know how those people took Jason away. Suddenly, one of the aunts remembered, "Sir, I remember. It seemed that no one came in outside. They are in the bathroom. If it's right, they are cleaners!"

Wilson froze for a moment and turned the video back. A few minutes after they entered, two women who looked like cleaners came out with heavy cleaning cars.

"Stop!" Wilson called out. And the picture was fixed on the two women, and then zoomed in. Although the two women were wearing cleaning clothes, they didn't look like re

lson walked to the door in a low voice, Joanna opened her eyes slowly when she heard the growl of her husband.

Wilson had been talking on the phone at the door all the time. His tone was low and cautious. Joanna stood up and walked to the door, looking at the man's back!

"No matter what you want, don't hurt my child!"

Suddenly, Joanna screamed and threw herself in front of Wilson. "My child, my child. Give my child back to me!"

Stunned, Wilson turned around and saw Joanna. He held her in one hand and held the phone in the other.

When Peterson heard the voice of Joanna, an idea suddenly came to his mind, which also frightened him. But in the past few days when they were apart, he had to admit that Peterson's mind was full of the appearance of Joanna. He thought he would never forget Selina.

Wilson roared on the phone, and then Peterson came back to her senses. He made the first request to Wilson. Lin group was fighting for a project recently, and he had learned how to deal with it. Lin group was determined to get it, but Wilson couldn't get involved with it!

Wilson agreed to his request without hesitation, and then asked him the second request. Jean hesitated for a moment, thinking of the shadow of Joanna, and then made the second request.

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