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   Chapter 529

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Suddenly, Rita thought of something and whispered something in Joanna's ear. Blushing with shyness, Joanna said, "Rita, be serious. I am not married yet. I need to behave myself, okay?"

With a smile, Rita ran downstairs. Although she was a bit afraid of Wilson, she finally understood why he was so depressed. Having a child directly affected the sexual life of the couples. Rita pulled Glenn to the door and said to Wilson, "Mr. Wilson, Joanna said that she would let you sleep in the guest room tonight!"

Wilson turned around and stared at Rita with confusion. But Rita had already run away with Glenn. Wilson stood still in a daze. It seemed that Joanna was getting more and more unreasonable. She even let him sleep in the guest room?

He turned around and went to the room. At this time, when the baby was sleeping beside her in the room, Joanna was busy packing up the clothes. She was startled by the sudden move that she was held behind by Wilson.

"Wilson, what are you doing? You scared me! "

Wilson took her to the guest room regardless of her reluctance. Joanna pushed him away in confusion. "Wilson, what are we doing here? The child is still in the room."

Wilson lowered his head and kissed her lips, looking at her discontentedly. "When on earth can you dismiss my abstinence? You even asked me to sleep in the guest room!"

Hearing her dissatisfied tone, Joanna couldn't help laughing. She had never told Wilson to sleep in the guest room tonight. It was obvious that it was a trick made by Rita. But when she saw Wilson's aggrieved look, she was in a better mood.

"Don't be like this. I have to take care of my son. I'm worried if I don't stay with him at night!"

Wilson quickly pinned her under his body. Without any mood to accept his kiss, Joanna didn't give him such a chance until she kicked hard at the crotch of Wilson. Then he curled up in bed in pain. When she got up and wanted to walk out of the room, she found that Wilson was still in great pain. She turned back to the bed and pulled him up, " Wilson, are you okay? I'll take you to the hospital now!"

Wilson suddenly held Joanna tightly. When Joanna knew

't take good care of their son, so she immediately dialed the number of Wilson.

"Wilson, what do you mean? I can take care of my baby myself. I don't need anyone else to take care of him!"

Wilson was having a meeting when he received a call from Joanna. He felt speechless when hearing her voice. He had to paused the meeting, stood up and walked to the window, ignoring everyone's astonishment.

"Joanna, can you be a bit more reasonable? I did this all for your own good, and you have no experience as you become a mother for the first time!"

Joanna was speechless. Every time she quarreled with Wilson, she would lose thoroughly. "I don't care. Even if the nannies might be more experienced than me, I want to bring up my son on my own!"

"Joanna, don't worry. You will have a lot of time to accompany the child's growth. Because we are going to have more kids in the future!"

What Wilson said shocked everyone. It was rumored that Wilson's wife was missing, but now she came back.

Wilson's words made Joanna shy. Seeing that the two experienced nannies had already begun to take good care of her son, Joanna didn't say anything more. She only knew that if they continued to argue like this, Wilson would definitely say more, so she had to choose to be silent.

The people behind him had already been stunned. Wilson coughed to signal the meeting to go on, but everyone's minds were fixed on Wilson's private life.

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