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   Chapter 528 Fun

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Seeing the water flowing in the man's eyes, Joanna knew what the man wanted to do. She pushed him away without saying anything and jumped far away. "Wilson, what do you want to eat for dinner?"

Wilson was stunned for a moment. His playfulness disappeared in an instant because of Joanna's words. He looked at the woman who had escaped to the door with a plaintive look. "Joanna, what are you doing? It's still early for having dinner!"

Knowing that Joanna was avoiding something on purpose, Wilson didn't expose her. Looking at her face, he slowly stood up and walked to the door. "You can have dinner at any time, but now I need you to travel your duty as my wife!"

Ignoring Wilson, Joanna left the study. Thinking of the man's sad eyes, although she didn't have the heart to say anything, she silently returned to her son's side. Looking at the little guy, she couldn't help laughing. She didn't expect herself to be a mother so soon.

In addition to the fact that it was the fruit of love, Joanna was also very fond of him because of what she had experienced when she was a child. During the meal, she was still hiding in her room to take care of him, fearing that something bad would happen to her baby.

When Wilson sat in the dining room and saw that the chair in front of him was empty, he sighed slightly. "Where is my wife?"

The maid told him that he had invited Joanna out for dinner, but she said that Joanna would accompany her son. Wilson was both angry and angry. He didn't expect that the birth of the child was still a big trouble. Now he could not only be close to Joanna, but also couldn't have dinner with her. Depressed, he put down the bowl and chopsticks, and went to his room without any mood to eat. "Joanna, isn't our son asleep? Why don't you go downstairs to have dinner?"

Joanna made a gesture of silence to him, which made Wilson very dissatisfied. This woman always focused on her son and ignored him. Did she take him seriously as her husband? He walked over and forcibly held

terview the second day.

"Joanna, you finally know me. I thought you would keep losing your memory like this. Tell me, how did you two meet again after a long separation?"

Rita put the things aside and naturally held her arm. Her face was shining with the light of gossip. In such a short time, she was not only surprised that Joanna regained her memory and gave birth to a child. More importantly, when Joanna lost her memory back then, she had scolded Wilson very much. Why did she suddenly come back with the girl who had recovered her memory? Perhaps only they themselves knew the secret.

As a mother, Joanna became much calmer. She gently pushed away her hand, indicating that she should lower her voice so as not to wake up the child. At the same time, she also said that Rita was not serious at all, fearing that she would spoil her son.

Rita rolled her eyes at her with dissatisfaction. Now, the stubborn Joanna had become a child control. As long as it came to her son, she would not neglect it.

"What do you mean, Joanna? You have forgotten your best friend since you were a child, haven't you? I tell you, if this matter is known by Miller, he will cry on the spot!"

With a smile, Joanna said, "You are all the same. How can you be jealous of a baby?" She thought it was ridiculous that a father was jealous of his son.

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