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   Chapter 526

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 6949

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Because the date of birth was getting closer and closer, Joanna kept going to and out of the bathroom. Sitting on the sofa, Wilson frowned at her. "Honey, you look a little strange today. Are you feeling uncomfortable?"

As soon as Joanna came out of the bathroom, although she didn't feel anything special, she just felt like excreting and but she shook her head. She was flustered, because her legs and feet had been swollen because of pregnancy. She felt uncomfortable and wanted to sit beside Wilson. However, her feet slipped and she leaned forward. Wilson quickly caught her, and the armrest of the sofa bumped into her belly. Then she touched her belly painfully and Wilson immediately took her to the hospital with her in his arms.

Wilson held Joanna in his arms and sat in the back seat of the car nervously. He kept urging the driver to drive faster, while Joanna grasped his sleeve nervously. "I feel like I'm about to give birth."

Wilson held her tightly and said, "Honey, don't be afraid. We're in the hospital now. Don't be afraid!"

Wilson was so nervous that his palms were sweating, but Joanna gripped his sleeves tightly. Joanna suddenly recalled that she had seen a lot of TV series that many women would face life danger when they gave birth to children. Now, Joanna had such a bad hunch. "Wilson, will I die?"

Wilson's hand trembled, and his face turned pale. He told her harshly, "don't talk nonsense, Joanna. We'll soon arrive at the hospital!"

When they arrived at the hospital, Wilson carried her and ran into the hospital until a nurse came over and took Joanna to the operating room. Before entering, Joanna held Wilson's hand and said, "I'm so scared!"

Wilson looked at Joanna sympathetically. The woman who had always been tough became so fragile at that moment. Wilson kissed on her forehead, and then communicated with the nurse to change his clothes and followed them into the operating room.

A burst of abdominal pain came from her belly. With Wilson by her side, Joanna endured the pain and didn't scream. Wilson was also very af

ond day, the nurse sent the baby to their side. Looking at the baby in the swaddle in disbelief, Joanna touched his little face with her fingertips trembling, as if she was afraid that she would hurt him by accident. Wilson sat by the bed, looking at the most important people in his life. He felt that all the sunlight had shone into his life.

"How do you plan to name our son?"

Staring at the child's white and tender face, Wilson giggled, "how about we call him Jason Yan?"

Touching his fair, fleshy little face, Joanna nodded in agreement.

After the delivery, Wilson took Joanna and their son back to the country. He had just entered the house and arranged for them to have a rest in their room. Then he kept making calls. Thinking of the nationality procedure he had to go through for his son before he came back, he was very unhappy that his son had become the citizen of Country H because he was born there. It was his son, so he had to add it to the same household registration as his. Of course Wilson would never make his son a foreigner.

"Honey, where is our son's birth certificate?"

After taking a look at Wilson, Joanna had complained about the nationality procedure all the way. Although it was the citizenship of their son, Wilson had complained a lot as well. He couldn't understand why Joanna insisted on giving birth to their son in another country.

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