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   Chapter 520 Where Is She

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Wilson fell into a desperate situation again. If the disappearance of Joanna was a test for him before, then the next was a bigger test. Joanna was still in a state of amnesia. If she was not with Peterson, he really didn't know where that woman could go.

"Boss, Mr. Charlie has come back from Country H. Are you going to..." Wilson turned around, picked up his coat and walked out, followed by Dean. "Mr. Wilson, where are you going?"

Wilson had already got on the car, staring outside with his bright eyes. "Go to the An group!"

After a short pause, Dean started the car and peeped at Wilson from the rear-view mirror. The man took advantage of the serious look on his face to look at him. He and Charlie had never been at odds with each other. Dean was surprised that Wilson would take the initiative to look for him this time!

The car stopped at the entrance of the An group. Wilson looked at the building of the An group. When he knew that Charlie had come back to the company early in the morning, he rushed over. In the process of looking for Joanna, Charlie had also secretly sent people. Now there was no news about Joanna, so he had to come to see if there was any news about Joanna from Charlie!

He strode into the office of Charlie. The man was working. When he saw Wilson coming over, he only nodded gently. "Mr. Wilson, what brings you here?"

Wilson didn't have time to talk nonsense with him. He stared at him and went straight to the point. "I'm here to tell you that Joanna is missing?"

"Missing? I don't know if Joanna lives in your house? Why is she missing?" As soon as Charlie stood up from the scallion chair, Wilson was surprised. As far as he knew, Charlie was always gentle and elegant, but just now

"Yes, Joanna is missing again. Do you have any news about her?"

There was a hint of helplessness in Wilson's tone. Although he didn't like Charlie before, he had to come now. Although Charlie didn't say anything on the surface, it seemed that Wilson was asking for help.

Hearing no

I really don't know what to say."

"Joanna, don't say that. It's my duty to take good care of you."

Looking at the calm look on Joanna's face, of course Charlie didn't tell her that Wilson was looking for her crazily every day in the country. He didn't want these things to affect Joanna's current mood and state.

Joanna knew what he meant, but she had told him before that they could only be good friends, so Charlie had to keep all his feelings for Joanna in the bottom of his heart.

After dinner, Charlie took Joanna walked around the rockery in the hotel for a while. They hadn't had such a leisurely life for a long time. Looking down at the woman next to them, Charlie asked, "What's your plan for the future?"

Joanna shook her head with a smile. What she cared about most now was her own health and her child. The reason why she came here was to have a comfortable environment. As for the future, she hadn't thought about it for the time being. Now her state of mind was different from before.

Charlie put his hand on her shoulder and said, "Don't worry. I'll be with you in the future. As long as you and your child are safe and sound, everything will be fine!"

Joanna smiled and nodded gratefully. "I'm already satisfied with you taking care of me these days!"

The two smiled at each other, making each other feel better.

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