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   Chapter 517 Never See Each Other Again

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Wilson glanced at him coldly and went straight into the elevator, ignoring Peterson. Peterson stood in front of the elevator angrily and asked, "Where is Selina?"

Selina? Wilson could help smiling and said, "Selina? I didn't expect you to be more shameless than I thought. You even made up a fake identity for her. You are really something! Guess what she will think if she knows?"

Peterson''s face suddenly changed. At the beginning, he just took her as a substitute, but now he realized that she meant more than just a substitute of Selina. What Wilson said made him feel guilty!

He took away his wife and deliberately made up a fake identity for her. It seemed that Peterson did it on purpose. But fortunately, Wilson had found Joanna. He believed that after his careful care, Joanna would recover soon!

"Well, no matter what you say, I'm afraid that Selina cares about me now. This is my address. I believe I will meet Selina soon!"

Peterson was confident. Joanna had been relying on him since the first time she saw him when she woke up. Although he took her to the family feast later, she was still very resistant to the outside world. The only person Joanna trusted was him, Peterson.

"You can't see Joanna again!"

Wilson walked into the elevator with a cold face. He wouldn't let go of anyone who dared to covet his woman!

Peterson stood calmly at the door of the elevator and looked at the man's back with a smile on his face. He was sure that he would see Joanna soon.

When the elevator door opened, Wilson walked out slowly with a gloomy face. Dean had already been waiting there, with documents in his hand. He nodded slightly to Wilson, and then followed him.

Since Joanna came back from abroad, Dean had been secretly investigating her memory loss. At last, he found out the doctor who treated Joanna in Country G. He only knew that Peterson had taken Joanna to the hospital. Her memory loss was caused by brain concussion, and there was blood clot

a into the car.

On the way, the two of them didn't talk to each other. It seemed that Joanna was looking forward to meeting Peterson. She kept staring at the road ahead until the car entered the underground parking lot. Wilson held her hand and walked into the elevator.

The elevator went straight to the CEO's office. Joanna looked around and found it familiar, but she couldn't remember it.

Sitting in the chair silently day and night, looking at this woman's uneasy expression, he finally couldn't bear it and asked his assistant to inform Jean.

As soon as Peterson appeared at the door, Joanna couldn't wait to stand up and walk over, holding her hands tightly with excitement and joy on her face. Wilson looked at the two people coldly.

The next second, unexpectedly, Joanna fell into Peterson's arms. Without any hesitation, Peterson held her tightly. These days of separation had been a torture for him. "All right, all right!"

"Joanna!" Wilson shouted. This woman dared to kiss Peterson in front of him. Thinking of this, he was very angry. He quickly took two steps and pulled the two away. "Joanna, don't forget that you are my wife!"

The two who had been hugging each other were forcefully pulled apart. Scared by the looks of Wilson, Joanna held Peterson's hand nervously and hid behind her.

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