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   Chapter 513 Endless Heartache

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"Joanna, don't be afraid. I'm your husband, Wilson. Don't you remember anything?" Wilson's tone was full of helplessness and pain, but Joanna couldn't hear anything now. Seeing her trembling, Wilson had to carefully coax her to lie down.

Looking at her pale face, Wilson felt guilty. He swore to himself that he would find out the reason for Joanna's disappearance.

At the same time, after a long wait, the board of directors of the Lin group was held as scheduled.

Peterson stood in front of the French window in a white shirt. The sky was so dull that he couldn't breathe. His assistant came in on time and prepared all the documents. Peterson turned around with a complacent smile and then picked up her coat. "Let's go to see what's going on!"

Peterson calmly walked into the meeting room. Since he appeared, the people on the side had been staring at him. But when they thought of the result of the board of directors, they wore an indifferent smile on their faces, as if they were waiting to see how the arrogant man, Peterson, would be kicked out of the Lin Group.

The former sat calmly on his seat all the time. He was still the calm man unless he had a moment of complacency.

Suddenly, a branch of the board pointed at Peterson. He just smiled calmly at everyone and said, "It's not that easy to destroy me!"

In everyone's astonishment, Peterson threw out several share transfer agreements, which shocked the branches who tried to kick him out of the board of directors. Although he only held ten percent of the shares before, this time Peterson successfully became the leader of the Lin group with her own ability.

At first, everyone was waiting for how embarrassed Peterson was, but they didn't expect that the one who was embarrassed in the end was the branch of the Lin Clan. Seeing their pale faces, Peterson smiled and said, "I don't know what else you want to say. Since you want to decide whether to stay or leave according to the number

he would eat people.

On the other hand, Miller was much calmer than Rita. With a smile, he carefully moved to the bedside, poured a glass of water and handed it to Joanna. "Don't be afraid, Joanna. We two are both your good friends. I'm Miller. She's Rita. We three are best friends!"

Rita rolled her eyes at him. She thought what he said was nonsense. Joanna wouldn't remember them no matter how much he said since she knew that Joanna had lost her memory.

"Joanna, I'm Rita. We grew up together. We are best friends!"

With her big round eyes blinking, Joanna saw Peterson at the first sight when she woke up. Except telling her that Peterson was her fiancee, she had never heard of her friends. Now two strangers said they were her friends. Although she was most likely suspicious, she was still curious. "Do you really know me? Are you really my friend?"

She wanted to ask Peterson, but he was not with her now. Although the people here were strange, they did not hurt her, so Joanna was not afraid.

"And I, I'm your husband, Wilson!"

Standing by the bed, Wilson said. Joanna immediately said, "Ah You You are a bad guy. Don't speak ill of Peterson! "

Both Miller and Rita were taken aback, and their eyes were fixed on the faces of Wilson

"Why are you looking at me? Is it my fault?"

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