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   Chapter 512 Memory Loss

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 7129

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After a short pause, Wilson rushed to the hospital with Joanna in his arms. Seeing that she was sent to the emergency room, he leaned against the wall weakly. What happened today seemed to be a dream. He didn't know why Joanna became like this.

After a careful examination, the doctor came out and told Wilson that Joanna had lost her memory. It was not until then that Wilson realized why she reacted in that way when he noticed that she might lost her memory and forgot who he was.

Wilson leaned against the wall in pain. He didn't know what Joanna had experienced in the past few days when she was missing. As long as he thought that she might have suffered a lot, his heart ached so much that he couldn't breathe. But he couldn't know what she had suffered now. They had climbed the mountain together that day when she disappeared, but he couldn't find out how he lost her.

The bodyguard quickly reported what had happened to Peterson. Peterson closed his eyes in pain. He wished he could fly back to Joanna right now, but the assistant's words gave him a heavy blow. "Mr. Peterson, if you leave now, I'm afraid the Lin Clan..."

He clenched his fist in pain and smashed it hard on the table. "Send someone to secretly watch over there and report to me at any time!"

The only thing that Peterson could do now was to try his best to deal with the troubles from the board of directors. This time, the board was exceedingly tricky to handle. He had received the news early that the members of the board of directors had changed, and the Lin Clan only held ten percent of the shares. In order to maintain the absolute leadership of the Lin Clan to the Lin Group, Peterson had no choice but to attend the meeting presided by the board.

When Joanna woke up, she saw Wilson standing by the bed and looking at her. She noticed it was not Peterson who was standing in front of her. She had a terrible headache and could not help frowning.

"Joanna, what's the matter with you? Don't be afraid. I'll call the doctor now. "

Seeing that Wilson cared about her so much, she was not frightened. Instead, when she felt a little

Peterson right now, but let me tell you, Peterson is not a good man. Let's wait and see!"

Joanna had a good impression on Peterson. Now that she heard the slander against him from Wilson, she glared at him angrily. "That's enough. I don't allow you to say such bad words about my fiance!"

Wilson was stunned for a while. The suppressed anger in his heart had already been seeking an opportunity to vent. In such a short time, even if Joanna had lost her memory, she was still thinking about that bastard?

"Fiance? You said that bastard was your fiance? " Wilson was completely enraged. Joanna even called another man fiance when she lost her memory. Even if it was because of some reason, he would never allow Joanna to call Peterson her fiance!

"Yes, he is my fiance!"

Her firm answer made Wilson lose his last sanity. He grabbed the phone and angrily smashed it to the ground. The phone suddenly broke into pieces. Scared, Joanna immediately held the quilt and shrank up.

Wilson lost his temper completely. When he saw that Joanna was so scared that she shrank into the quilt, he regretted. He bent down and was about to hold her in his arms, but she moved back and looked at him in fear.

His body became stiff. The two who had been very intimate before were getting farther and farther away. He reached out his hand and called her name, but Joanna shrank her body to prevent him from touching her.

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