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   Chapter 511

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 7351

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"What's wrong with you? You have been absent-minded since you came back. What happened?" Looking at Peterson who was in a daze, Joanna had prepared the bath water, but he was stunned for a long time and did not see her standing beside him.

Peterson shook his head and said it was nothing. He claimed that he was just thinking about his work. And Joanna didn't doubt it. Since she was hospitalized, Peterson had spent most of his time on her. Now that she was in good health, she naturally supported Peterson to work hard. "Alright, you have to get back to work when we return home later."

When she reminded Peterson, he was stunned for a moment, and suddenly felt something strange. He looked up at her and asked, "Honey, are you caring about me?"

Being stared at by him, Joanna was so shy that she urged him to take a bath as soon as possible. Peterson nodded slightly and gave her an affectionate look. Then he turned around and walked into the bathroom!

When he came out after finishing the bath, Joanna had already fallen asleep. Looking at her lying in bed, Peterson was no longer sleepy at all. If he hadn't met Wilson before that, he might not have a sense of crisis of losing her. But since he knew that Joanna was actually Wilson's wife, he was worried about that. He didn't want to let her go so easily because of a kind of possessiveness.

The black night shrouded Peterson. He could only see the cigarette that was lit up in the darkness. A series of smoke came out of Peterson's mouth and blurred his expression. His face hidden in the darkness could not be seen clearly.

He looked up at the darkness. He remembered the day when he firstly met Selina. When they were still together, Selina liked to run with him in the garden in a white dress. He fell in love with that girl. And they both had a period of carefree life. Then Peterson decided to propose to Selina later!

But Selina suddenly disappeared. Peterson had been looking for her for a long time. After almost an eon, he saw a news on the newspaper that Selina was dead, and her eyes were wide open. He swore to God that he would find out the murdered who killed her by all means, but until now, he still did not f

had happened. Unexpectedly, he saw at the rockery that Joanna was staring at the pond. Peterson was not there beside her, and Joanna was followed by two bodyguards not far behind her. It seemed that Peterson had left the hotel indeed.

After observing for a long time, Wilson walked slowly to the rockery and knocked out the two bodyguards from behind. Then he excitedly walked to Joanna and grabbed her hand. "Honey, are you okay? Did they put you under house arrest?"

With a suspicious look at the man in front of her, Joanna struggled to get rid of him with her hands. "Who are you? Let go of me!"

Wilson stared at Joanna in astonishment. How could the woman he loved say something like that? He shook her shoulder excitedly and said, "Joanna, you don't remember me? I'm Wilson!"

His voice was full of accusation. The woman he had been looking for so long actually didn't remember him who he was. He stared at Joanna in front of him crazily, kept calling her name and loudly telling her that he was Wilson, her husband, but Joanna was still confused. She painfully held her head, trying to break free from Wilson's grip, but she was not as strong as him. With his repeating accusation, Joanna's brain was stimulated and she felt like her head was splitting. All of a sudden, she blacked out.

Wilson was stunned for a while, but he was more worried about her health. He held her up without hesitation. This woman could always easily affect his mood.

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