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   Chapter 509 A Strong Feeling

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Peterson supported her with both hands and rested his head on her shoulder, "Yes, madam! But you have to stay in the room and don't run around when I'm not here. Don't make me worry!"

Joanna nodded and sent him out.

The sky was dark. When Wilson went out in the morning, it was already drizzling. The man looked up at the sky and Dean followed him. As Wilson's good friend, he couldn't bear to see the disappointment on Wilson's face.

The two of them went out early in the morning and began to look around. Each time they were full of confidence, but every time they came out, disappointment would add. Dean quickly walked up to Wilson and handed him a cigarette and a lighter. He silently took over the cigarette and lit it up.

Just then, a few muffled thunder suddenly came from the sky. Seeing that it was going to rain, Dean couldn't bear to see him sad and persuaded him to go back to the hotel early.

Wilson stubbed out the cigarette and threw it into the trash can. "Do you think it's her?"

Dean shook his head. No one could guarantee such a thing. He knew that Joanna was the woman he loved deeply, so he naturally hoped that Wilson would find her finally, so that he wouldn't be so sad!

Before the heavy rain started, the two of them walked back in disappointment.

At the same time, Joanna was watching TV on the sofa alone. It was raining outside, so she was so bored that she could only stay in the room. She didn't even want to eat because Peterson was not here. She had planned to hold on until Peterson came back, but she was too hungry to bear it. In addition, she had been in the room for a long time, so Joanna put on her coat and sneaked out of the room with her mobile phone.

The restaurant of the hotel was in another house. The two houses were connected by a long wooden corridor. Wrapped in her coat, Joanna walked towards the restaurant with her neck contracted. When the two of them, Wilson and Dean, came back from outside and were about to walk through the wooden corridor, the two of them were dejected, staring at the wooden floor under their feet, listening to

t to do and have to go right now!"

Thinking of the little woman who was at a loss now, Peterson could only shake his head helplessly. He did not expect that this woman would have an accident in such a short time when he was not by her side. He really did not know that woman what to do after he left her?

Thinking of her, Peterson ordered the driver to speed up. He didn't know if this woman had worn a coat when she came out when it rained. He even worried that she couldn't take good care of herself. The more he thought about it, the more he felt that her guess was very likely.

Finally, the car stopped at the gate of the hotel. Peterson almost ran to the restaurant. Seeing that Joanna was sitting there quietly and staring out of the window in a daze from a distance, he was relieved and strode over. "Selina."

With a sweet smile, she stood up happily and reached out to hold him. "Wait a minute. Let me guess how many women you have met."

Peterson lowered his head in amusement. He wanted to see what this woman wanted to do, and followed her words. "Then guess!"

Joanna sniffed the perfume on Peterson body seriously. Although the smell was not strong, it did not rule out that there were women approaching him at the banquet.

Suddenly, Peterson couldn't help holding her in her arms and said, "Well, it's just a social engagement. Are you really jealous?"

"Ha ha I won't! "

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