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   Chapter 507

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 7176

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When they arrived the spot, Peterson held her hand and walked in a green forest like resort. The lush scenery made people feel relaxed and happy. Out of curiosity, Joanna let go of Peterson's hand and walked along the path alone. Peterson followed her nervously. "Be careful, watch your belly!"

It was not until then that Joanna restrained herself. But it was indeed a good scenic resort. The overall environment here had been far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and it was even separated from the nervous feeling of all kinds of skyscrapers in the city. Seeing so many interesting things made of wood, she had a hunch that she did come to the right place this time.

The VIP rooms in the resort were all single wooden villas, with a total of two floors. The first floor was the living room, and the bedroom was on the second floor. Seeing the delicate furnishings in the room, Joanna stepped up the stairs. Peterson followed her nervously. Seeing her walking back and forth like a rabbit, Peterson just stood aside and waited in case he might interrupt her.

Standing on the wooden balcony of the second floor, Joanna was surrounded by a lot of carefully cultivated succulent potted plants. Not far behind her were two vine chairs and a small wooden tea table. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. "It's so beautiful here!"

Peterson hugged her from behind, "if you like here, you can live longer. I'll be with you!"

The simple words made her feel very warm. She nodded hard and said, "thank you!"

Peterson held her tightly. This woman gave him a special feeling. He didn't expect that he would travel with her without hesitation, which seemed to be rare in the past.

After the two had a simple rest in the bedroom, Peterson took her to the dining room. The wooden structure seemed to have a distinct vintage feel. Joanna looked around curiously and said, "after dinner, I want to take a walk at the rockery over there!"

Peterson nodded. The design of this place was really out of his expectation. Since it was what Joanna liked, he didn't refuse. There was a project waiting for development in the distance. He

, turned around and grabbed the assistant beside him. "You heard the voice just now, didn't you?"

The assistant nodded. Although he heard the voice as well, he did not know much about Joanna. He had only heard it a few times, so he was not sure that the voice was from her.

"Mr. Charlie, let's go to the restaurant. There are many tourists here. Maybe it's just a similar voice!"

Disappointment was written all over his face. Charlie nodded and followed his assistant to the restaurant. Although he didn't see Joanna in person, he was sure that the voice was so familiar to him. After a simple dinner, he hurried back to his room.

The dim light made the area more tranquil. Holding his phone in his hand, Charlie stood on the balcony in a daze. Although he wasn't sure whether the voice was from Joanna, he wouldn't give up on any possibility!

After hesitating for a while, he dialed Wilson's number. The man's tired voice came from the other end of the line. After saying his name, Charlie stared at the darkness and tried to control his temper. "Wilson, I'm calling you not to quarrel with you, but I have some clue about Joanna!"

Wilson became nervous when he heard the name of Joanna. "Charlie, what are you talking about? Where is Joanna? Tell me now! "

Charlie told Wilson what had happened tonight. He was not sure whether the voice belonged to Joanna. As for what Wilson would do, it was up to himself.

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