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   Chapter 488 Intimate Behavior

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 6526

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After parking the car, Charlie took Tina into the shopping mall. Looking around, Tina found many shops that she didn't know, but judging from the decoration, she knew that they must be expensive. If she had to spend so much money to buy such a thing, she would still be a little reluctant.

"Do we have to buy it here? The goods here must be very expensive. " Pulling the corner of Charlie's clothes, Tina said in a low voice.

Charlie just put his arm around Tina's shoulder and pulled her closer to him. "It doesn't matter. You don't need to pay. This shopping mall has a cooperative relationship with my father's company, so it can be much cheaper. Besides, my father has a limit here. He can't spend it all by himself. He won't spend all his money."

Hearing what Charlie said, Tina breathed a sigh of relief. If it was Charlie who spent the money, she would feel uneasy. Although she knew that he was rich, the two of them were just boyfriend and girlfriend and hadn't been married yet. It didn't seem appropriate for Charlie to spend money for her.

Seeing that Tina didn't doubt anymore, Charlie chuckled to himself. She was too simple. No matter what she thought was written on her face, so he could probably guess it. It didn't matter if he was telling a white lie.

Tina wouldn't accept it if he told the truth.

Charlie took Tina into a shop in English. Although Tina didn't know which shop it was, there were no other customers except the shop assistants. She could guess that it was not cheap, but strangely, she didn't find the price of several clothes.

Tina didn't expect that it was Charlie who told the shop assistants to lower all the prices and not to receive anyone else when they were in the shop in the afternoon.

Although the shop didn't have many customers at ordinary time, there was no one in the afternoon. It was all thanks to the help of Charlie.

"If it's camping, are you okay?" Charlie asked Tina as he pic

"I won't let you down. I will make your father appreciate me."

"That's it. I believe you. You should also believe in yourself."

Tina nodded, "I see. Don't worry. I'll handle it."

The shop assistant came out with the clothes, and then Tina took them in to change.

"Mr. Charlie, what else can I do for you? We can make some recommendation for you."

Charlie used to go shopping with his father, so the shop assistants here all knew him. Although they were curious that Charlie would bring a woman here, and they acted so intimately. But these were just some small games between rich men, and they shouldn't gossip.

So even if she was very curious, the way to make money here was to look less, ask less and work more.

"I need dry clothes, sleeping bags, water-proof trousers, single tent, and some equipment for mountain climbing. Please find the best for me."

"I see. Are the same as the lady just now?"


"I see. I'll go and choose one for you right away. Please wait a moment."

Charlie was sitting on the sofa outside waiting for Tina to change her new clothes. However, something unexpected happened.

At this moment, Charlie was reading a magazine in his hands. He heard a soft female voice calling his name. He knew with his knees that the woman wasn't Tina.

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