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   Chapter 487 The Advice from Helen

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Susanna breathed a sigh of relief. It shouldn't be a problem for a person who was praised by Helen. "That's good, so I can rest assured."

"What's wrong? You looked worried just now."

Susanna hesitated whether she should say it or not. After all, it was a private matter of Tina, so it was not appropriate to say it out. Although Helen had the ability to find out the truth after, the concept was still different.

However, May didn't have so many misgivings. "Previously, Susanna found out that there were some bad news about that girl. She didn't agree with the relationship between the girl and Charlie, and even grounded him at home. My dear grandson began to go on a hunger strike. It was after I persuaded him that Susanna let go of their business."

Helen was surprised to hear that. "I didn't expect that."

"Yes, Charlie' went on a hunger strike with you before. I can't accept such a girl to marry into the An Clan for a while, so the method is a little extreme." Susanna also knew that it was her fault.

"In fact, I think it's a good thing." Helen said lightly after taking a sip of tea.

"Good news?" May and Susanna looked at Helen in disbelief.

"Yes. In fact, you have been spoiling Charlie' since he was a child. Naturally, he is used to being followed by others in everything. But he can do that for that girl at this level, which means that Charlie is interested in her. Isn't it a good thing?"

Both May and Susanna became silent. Helen continued, "The An Clan is a big family. If it weren't for a girl from a family of equal social rank, others would have gossiped about her. But the child is your own child. Do you really want him to be unhappy? I don't think it's easy for Charlie to be so good to a person as he is now."

"I understand what you said, but I still mind it."

Hearing this, Helen smiled and comforted, "I can understand, but children and gr

enty minutes for Charlie to get here from the company. Every time she went downstairs, he was already waiting in the Wan Group for her downstairs. So he must leave the company in advance every day. In this case, if Charlie's father knew it, he would definitely be unhappy.

"You don't have to worry about that. After all, I'm the general manager of the company. I have the right to leave half an hour earlier."

Hearing what Charlie said, the look on Tina face darkened. "But if your father knows about it, will it be bad?"

"You don't have to worry about that. My father is not that stubborn. As long as I finish my work every day, what am I still doing in the company? Besides, if I leave the company at five o'clock, it's not the rush hour yet. I'm more punctual when I arrive at the Wan Group. Otherwise, what if you leave?"

"Well, that's okay." Now, Tina was worried about her bad image in George. At that time, it would be difficult for him to make George accept her.

"Don't worry about these things. I'm here with you."

When they came out of the Wan Group, they encountered a traffic jam. The car walked and stopped, and the two of them chatted. Fortunately, the distance was not very far, so they arrived at the shopping mall not long after.

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