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   Chapter 480

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"Don't you think I'm dirty? Then don't hold me with your noble hand. I can't afford it. "

Hearing what she said, Charlie was stunned. He didn't expect that a gentle woman like Tina would say something like that.

Tina didn't want to say anything more, neither to Charlie nor Shawn. She was not stupid enough to think that Shawn was innocent. He brought her home with a lie, and then drugged her to faint. She knew everything. She began to lose consciousness after drinking the glass of water. There must be something wrong with the water.

But when she saw the angry look on Charlie's face, she didn't think it would work if she told Charlie about it. He just felt that she was defending herself.

Then Tina turned around and was about to leave, but her wrist was grabbed by Charlie.

Seeing her action and the disappointment in her eyes, Charlie began to be afraid. He was afraid that she would really leave him again. He had worked so hard to be together with her, and he didn't want to break up with he so easily.

Before Tina could shake off Charlie's hand, she was caught by Charlie. "You want to run away from me? No way! "

The next second, she was dragged away by Charlie.

"What are you doing? Let go of me! You are hurting me! " But Charlie didn't let go of Tina.

After being forcibly stuffed into the car, Tina stopped talking. Sitting in the driver's seat, Charlie lowered his head. Knowing that he was suppressing his anger, Tina didn't dare to speak.

The car was started at a fast speed. Charlie was so angry that Tina didn't dare to say anything more.

Twenty minutes later, the car stopped in the parking lot of the apartment. Before Tina could react, he had already opened the door beside her and pulled her out of the car.

"What are you doing? Let go o

body, anyone who saw them would feel that something had really happened between her and Shawn last night. But she knew her body well and there was no trace of sex after that.

Then Tina closed her eyes and reached out her hand to her vagina.

She finally breathed a sigh of relief. No, she hadn't been raped by Shawn. Although she didn't understand why Shawn stopped in the end, he didn't do anything to hurt her.

Thinking of the receding figure of Charlie, she thought that he might not believe her no matter how hard she try to explain. He must be pissed off by what she said.

What could she do to make him believe her? She couldn't take off her clothes in front of Charlie and asked him to check her, right?

Unable to think of the solution, Tina simply took a shower herself, as if she wanted to wash away all the marks on her body. She didn't stop until her skin began to turn red.

She changed into clean clothes and left the bathroom. She was a little hungry, but she didn't want to cook by herself. She just lay down on the bed. Because the narcotic left in her body started to effect on her again, she fell asleep soon.

Maybe everything will be fine after she wakes up.

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