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   Chapter 479

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 6108

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Charlie typed the address on his phone and found the place. Standing at the door, he was confused for a long time. Wasn't there a password lock? Then how could he get in?

He took a look at the message and found that there was a password on it. He tried to type the password and the door opened at once. Charlie opened the door and walked in. Was it a trick? Why did that one ask him to come here?

However, when he saw the shoes on the door, his hand froze. It was the shoes of Tina. He wouldn't mistake it. But why was there a man's shoes beside her.

He walked inside trembling and saw the food on the table, as well as two bowls of rice, but nobody ate it and just put them on the table. In order to give a false impression on Charlie, Shawn' had already disposed the dishes he had made. The dishes on the table were all cooked by Tina.

Charlie, who had been eating the food cooked by Tina every day, knew that it was made by her.

Why was she here? Why did she cook here for another man? Why was she with another man?

Holding his trembling right hand, Charlie tried to calm himself down and stop thinking too much.

When he turned around, he saw a man's tie and shirt on the floor outside the bedroom. Charlie had lived for more than 20 years. If he didn't know what had happened, he would be an idiot.

He pushed the door open, hoping that he had mistaken.


He saw the woman he had been worried about the whole night was sleeping on the bed. The quilt only covered half of her body, and there were some marks on her body. Looking at those marks, Charlie felt a surge of anger rush over him.

She lay in Shawn's arms quietly, with his hands on her waist. The posture of the two seemed very harmonious.

But now Charlie was overwhelmed with anger.

He rushed up and pulled Shawn' out of bed, and

ut that Mr. Charlie also cares about his girl so much. Didn't you also have a group of female partners before that? Now you can't even stand that Tina only had sex with me? What a poor guy! "

Hearing Shawn's words, Shawn' turned around and wanted to give him another two punches. "He's right. You used to have so many partners, didn't you? I have never asked you about it. Why do you meddle in my privacy now? "

"How dare you!"

Tina knew that Charlie was furious, but she couldn't take back what she had said.

"I said you have no right to meddle in my business. It's my freedom to date and sleep with anyone I want. It's none of your business. There are still so many divorces after getting married, not to mention that we are not married yet... "

Before Tina could finish her words, Charlie slapped her across the face.

Covering her face, Tina turned her head to one side and didn't move. Charlie looked at his hand, trembling slightly. What was he doing? How could he beat her? Why couldn't they have a good talk?

"I'm sorry, Tina. I I didn't mean it. I'm just too angry. Don't blame me. "

Charlie reached out to touch her hand, but she shook it off. Staring at his hand, Charlie was stunned.

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