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   Chapter 478 The Calm Before The Storm

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Tina turn around and said, "It doesn't matter. Everyone has his or her own past. Since it's in the past, there's no need to care about it all the time. It's just making myself unhappy. I'm with him now because I want his present and future. There's no need to mention the past."

"I didn't expect you to be so open-minded." Shawn' smiled with relief, "But you are right. If you care so much about it, you can't even be jealous. It's good to be open-minded."

With a smile on her face, she cursed in Tina's heart, 'Charlie, I'll teach you a lesson when I get back.'

After parking the car in the parking lot, Tina' followed Shawn' out of the car and asked curiously, "What do you want from me?"

"My mother's birthday is coming soon. I want you to teach me how to cook two dishes. I want to give her a surprise. I haven't cooked for her since I was a child. If she knows it, she will be very happy."

Charlie once told Tina something about Shawn'. She knew that he was also a young master from a rich family, and he certainly hadn't done anything like cooking. Thinking that such a young master could plan for his mother like this, his mother must be very happy.

"Okay, I didn't expect you to be so filial. I'll help you. I'm good at cooking. I'll teach you some simple dishes, and you'll learn them faster."

"Well, thank you." Looking at the back of Tina, Shawn's face darkened.

Shawn took Tina into the room. Tina looked around and found that it was a single boy's house. "Your room is too messy. Don't you clean it up alone at home?"

Tina had a slight obsessive-compulsive disorder, so she didn't like all this. She cleaned the room for Shawn casually. Seeing what Tina did, Shawn' was secretly happy. It seemed that she still cared about him.

After cleaning up the room, Tina went into the kitchen and looked at the fridge. There were a lot of dis

't be anything wrong with her. Perhaps it was because she had been tired all day, she went to bed early and didn't hear his phone call.

So he sent a message, "Good night. Let's have lunch together tomorrow."

The second morning, Charlie got up very early. Recently, he had been getting used to the company's affairs, so he was very busy. He had just dialed Tina's number, but no one answered. So he had to give up.

When Charlie just finished cleaning up and came out of the bathroom, he heard a new message on his phone. It was an unfamiliar message.

"XX apartment, room 1301. Password: 2006. "It was an unknown sender. Charlie didn't know what it meant. He checked the time. Anyway, he had to pass by that apartment before he went to the company. There was still plenty of time.

Out of curiosity, Charlie drove to that place, but he didn't know that a big "surprise" was waiting for him.

The person who sent the message to Charlie was Shawn'. After making Tina dizzy last night, he set a message to send on time to his mobile phone. He would send the message to Charlie at eight o'clock in the morning on time.

He didn't believe that a man like Charlie would accept Tina at ease if he knew that she had been with another man.

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