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   Chapter 477 Unprepared

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 6172

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Charlie's father knew about his son as soon as he came back. Although he didn't agree with it, his wife and mother didn't say anything about it. Even if he opposed, it was useless. So Charlie's father didn't mention it anymore.

After quitting his job in the Wan Group, Charlie was about to start working in the An Clan's company. It was also the arrangement of Charlie's father. He thought that if his son stayed away from that girl, it might not be like this.

After Charlie resigned, Shawn' went to the director's office and asked her to move him back. The director didn't want to go back at first, but he agreed when he saw that Tina didn't object and didn't want to be harassed by Shawn' anymore.

Shawn' happily moved back to the work station next to Tina. He kept talking to Tina all day long how lonely and helpless he was. Tina just treated Shawn' as his brother, so she just let him do whatever he wanted.

She inadvertently mentioned the matter of Shawn' to Charlie, but it turned out that he had been nagging for a long time, asking her to stay away from Shawn' and not to get too close to him.

"But you are not allowed to get too close to him. You are too simple. Shawn' is not simple to you. He..."

"What's wrong with him?" The sudden silence of Charlie confused Tina so asked curiously.

"He is not that simple. He likes you, so he was so hostile to me at the beginning. After I left, he wanted to come back to you in a hurry."

Charlie's words made Tina stunned for a while and said stiffly, "No way. I just treat him as my brother. Don't you think too much?"

"How can I think too much? He is a man, and I am a man too. How can I not know what he is thinking? You treat him as your brother, but he doesn't think so. Just listen to me and stay away from him."

Tina nodded. She really didn't have any other feeling

d to him in this way. But now, he was so gentle and considerate to that man, Charlie.

If one day, Tina would be so gentle and considerate to him, he would definitely be crazy with joy.

After taking a look at it, he said to Tina in a low voice, "I remember that your phone was the one several years ago. What's wrong? Didn't Mr. Charlie change a new one for you? "

"Why did he change my phone? I don't need it. I can still use it. Just make do with it. But why do you ask that?"

"Ouch, I just heard that the breaking up gifts Mr. Charlie gave his ex-girlfriends were usually house and car. I'm still curious why he didn't change your phone." Shawn' had a clear mind. He wanted to let Tina know how dissolute Charlie was in the past, so that he could know what kind of person Charlie was. Maybe the two would never be together again, and then he would have a chance.

However, Shawn' didn't expect that Tina answer was so calm. "Really? I know he has a rich family, but I didn't expect him to be so generous. Do you think he will agree if I ask him to give me a house tomorrow? I won't drive even if I ask him to."

Shawn' was a little surprised that Tina could be so calm, "Well, don't you care about those things?"

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