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   Chapter 476

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 6988

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On the second morning, Miller said goodbye to his parents in a good mood. On the contrary, Kitty was a little exhausted, so they all knew what had happened last night.

Noticing the hickey under Kitty's collar, Jessie kindly reminded her brother, "my dear brother, Kitty is beautiful, but you should also take good care of your body."

The four people standing at the door were all stunned, but Albert pretended to cough, turned around and went into the house. Kitty secretly pinched Miller's thigh. Although it was a little painful, Miller still held back his desire to scream and stayed calm.

After the two walked out of the house, Kitty hit on Miller and said, "it's all your fault. I told you not to have sex last night. Now I'm so humiliated in front of your parents and sister."

"What? You even clenched me the day before yesterday. You still blame me for that..."

Hearing what Miller said, Kitty pretended to hit him again, but was coaxed by him.

"I'm thinking when we should go to see a house," said Miller while driving Kitty to the Wan Group

"Why are you looking for a house?" Kitty closed her eyes while sitting in the passenger seat to take a nap. Although she felt uncomfortable all over, she still had to go to work.

"Of course we need to buy a new house to live in. Our current house is too small for us to dwell in. When we just get marry before we have a baby. The current house is okay for both of us, but if you give birth to a baby, we have to have a separate room, right? The child will gradually grow up and can't always live with us. What if you give birth to two or three babies and I think a bigger house is necessary. "

Kitty opened her eyes and glared at Miller, "Two or three babies?! Do you think I'm a sow? If you want so many babies, just do it your own! "

"Of course I am very happy to do it my own. But as you know, I can't have a baby alone. It's all up to you."

Kitty glanced at him and closed her eyes, "come and pick me up tonight. If I get off work early, you still have time."

Of course, Miller understood what she meant.

Joanna rendered her a bit speechless, "He didn't propose to me, so we just let nature take its course."

Hearing Kitty's words, Joanna looked at her in surprise, "what did you say? He didn't propose to you? "

"Yes." Kitty lowered her head in embarrassment.

"Why did you say yes to him without an sincere proposal from him? Oh my God!" With an unhappy look on her face, Joanna said, "why did you say yes to him if he didn't propose seriously? Fortunately, you have a ring. Otherwise, I think you might be fooled by him. Let me tell you something, girl. Don't be so obedient to him. Or he will mount you after marriage. "

Kitty didn't say a word. In fact, she didn't think it was a big deal. After all, the true love between them was the only thing that matters. She didn't care much about this process.

"I know. Don't just talk about me. You'd better go home for rest. I heard from Miller that you are pregnant. You'd better go home and have a good rest. Don't bother yourself in the company. I can handle the work on my own."

Resting her hand on her forehead, Joanna knew that Miller was unreliable to keep secret. If she had known it earlier, she would not have told Miller about it. Only a few days later, he revealed her secret.

"You must keep it a secret for me, especially don't let Wilson know it. I'm going to give him a surprise."

Kitty nodded, "I understand."

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