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   Chapter 475

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 6711

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The cotton ball in her hand was tightly blocked in Miller's nose. The pungent smell of powder filled his nose, making him difficult to breathe. Miller opened his mouth wide and coughed hard.

"Sister, the blood has stopped. Can you take it off now?"

Jessie, who was sitting next to them, leisurely flipped through the book in her hand and glanced at Miller. "Can't you just stay here quietly for a while? We haven't seen each other for a long time. Why do you become so talkative?"

"I have been here for more than half an hour. Kitty is downstairs alone with our parents I'm really worried about her. I have to go and have a look. "

Taking a look at her brother with a teasing smile, Jessie said, "Wow, you haven't married her yet, but you are so protective of her. What if when you marry her in the future? I think you will be a hen pecked man in the family. "

"What's wrong with hen pecked man? It's none of your business. I love to be domesticated. "

"Okay, okay. I don't care it at all. I didn't say that it's not good to be a hen pecked husband. Don't worry. Just stay here. Don't you see our parents' attitude? They like Kitty very much and won't make things difficult for her. "

Hearing her elder sister's words, Miller sat on the bed and rubbed his fingers again. "I know dad and mom like Kitty very much. I'm just afraid that they will ask her something weird..."

"You don't have to worry about that."

As soon as Jessie said that, Miller looked up at her elder sister in surprise. "What? Why are you so sure about dad and mom won't say something weird about me?"

Turning a page leisurely, Jessie said, "of course they won't ask. But our parents are a typical talkative couple. Be careful of what they say. Then your dirty past will be exposed completely. "

The gentle smile on Jessie's face sent a shiver down Miller's spine. He knew that things would turn out like this.

"That's why I have been hesitating whether I should take her home or not."

"Well, you have alr

n me."

Kitty smiled, "Do you think you are attractive enough in my eyes even if you had an eyelid surgery? "

"What?" Hearing Kitty's words, Miller was stunned and didn't understand what she meant.

"Look at you. You are not gentle enough, and you are thoughtless, unable to cook, unable to clean your house, and lazy. Except for some necessary work, you stay at home every day, either playing games or writing drafts. " Kitty touched Miller's waist and murmured, "you seem to get fatter as well."

At this moment, Miller finally realized what Kitty was talking about. He threw himself into Kitty's hug and acted like a spoiled child, "how can you do this to me? You promised you loved me forever last night. Now you start to dislike me? "

Hearing that, Kitty blushed and said, "Alright."

"Your mother asked me to stay in your room tonight. Will you allowed?" After saying that, Kitty tried to push away Miller clenching her body and went to the bathroom to take a shower.

However, Kitty was pulled back under Miller's body by him and he said ambiguously, "since you are sleeping in my room, are you ready to do something else?"

"Miller! Let go of me! What are you doing! This is your parents' home. Let go of me... "

Then, because of her sarcastic words, Miller mounted on her body and had a violent sex with her.

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