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   Chapter 474

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On the second day, Kitty saved some time for lunch break and finished her work in advance. Since Millers parents' flight would arrive at four o'clock in the afternoon, they had to set out at three o'clock. As for the rest of the works, she put aside some unimportant documents for tomorrow.

When the two arrived at the airport, there was still more than 10 minutes before the plane landed. The two were waiting at the airport patiently. Kitty looked calm, but on the contrary, Miller was so nervous that he even sweated.

Kitty was confused by his reaction and asked, "are you feeling hot?" Although it was already June, the temperature at the airport was very comfortable all year round, so it was impossible that Miller would feel hot that he even sweated.

"I'm not hot." Wiping the sweat off his forehead, Miller stammered, "Damn it! Why is my hand shaking again?".

"Are you sick?" Kitty asked with concern, "if you are not feeling well, let's send your parents back home first. We can wait for the next time for formal meeting."

In fact, Miller planned to figure out the same excuse, but when he thought of his mother's threatening tone last night, he didn't dare to say anything. Then he had to reply, "I'm really fine. Don't worry. Let's go to have dinner first then we drive them home." In fact, he didn't want to go home at all. He would be miserable when he came back.

Kitty felt that Miller behaved strangely, but she couldn't tell. She had to stop asking and waited for his parents quietly.

The two soon saw Miller's parents. His parents had already known Kitty as they had seen her photo and they noticed a girl standing next to their son. It must be Kitty. As soon as Miller's mother came out, she gave Kitty a big hug, which startled Kitty.

"Mom, you haven't seen me for a long time. Why don't you hug me?"

With a disdainful look at Miller, his mother said indifferently, "I've hugged you for more t

that they were still standing at the door outside, Kitty struggled hard. She didn't know what Miller was doing. Was he crazy? She closed her lips and gritted her teeth, trying not to let his tongue in. She pushed his chest with her hand, but Miller was unwilling to let go, as if he was eager to prove something.

Just when the two were in a stalemate, the door behind Kitty was opened.

"Son, why haven't you come in yet Ah... " Kitty heard the voice of Mrs. Albert, and then the door was closed again with a "bang".

Then Miller let go of Kitty's shoulder. There were two bright red marks under his nose.

Resignedly, he took Kitty's hand and walked into the door. Kitty was a little embarrassed and hid behind him. It was so embarrassing that Mrs. Albert had seen what happened between her and Miller at the door just now.

"Miller. Let me take you upstairs to clean up. Look at your nose."

"No, it doesn't matter..." Miller had made up his mind to stay with Kitty at home in case she knew something he didn't want her to know.

"Come here." Then Jessie went upstairs.

Of course, Miller knew his elder sister's temper, so he had no choice but to follow her. Before going upstairs, he whispered in Kitty's ear, "I'll be downstairs soon. Please sit down for a while."

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