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   Chapter 473

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 6751

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"So, can you accept my proposal now?" Not knowing when, Miller took out the ring from his pocket and knelt down in front of Kitty.

Kitty nodded her head without hesitation. Then Miller quickly put the ring on Kitty's finger. He stood up and held her in his arms. "Why don't I know that you become so sensitive?"

"It's all your fault." Kitty thumped his chest gently.

"I'm glad that you can't leave me."

Kitty stood up from his arms and looked at his smiling face. "Did you play tricks on me just now?"

Hearing what she said, the look on Miller's face suddenly froze. Had he been discovered?

"I didn't mean to play tricks on you. I'm was really angry at that time."

Obviously, Kitty didn't believe it, but she had no evidence. "Then where did you get your ring?" Miller didn't have anything in his hand before. Why did a ring suddenly appear in his hand.

"I have prepared it for you for a long time, but I want you to see it clearly, so I haven't taken it out. But I can't wait any longer, so I want to settle our engagement as soon as possible. "

"Why? Why can't you wait?"

"I went to Rita's house today. She has a big belly and is now bossing Glenn around. Joanna is pregnant too. I'm so envious of her... "

"You said that Joanna is pregnant?"

With his eyes wide open again, Miller suddenly realized that he accidentally revealed a secret in front of Kitty.

Kitty was about to refute she hadn't meant to marry him yet, but the ring on her finger reminded her that she had accepted the proposal of Miller, so she had to nod and said, "I know, I will keep it a secret."

"If one day you are also pregnant with our baby. I will be very happy." Caressing Kitty's belly lovingly, Miller felt like she was pregnant with a baby.

"Hey, don't touch me." Kitty hurried to get rid of his hand and took a step back.

Seeing Kitty running to the kitchen in a hurry, Miller smiled. When he was about to follow Kitty into the kitchen, his phone rang.

Without checking the caller ID, he answ

et married. Aren't you going to let your parents know what their future daughter-in-law looks like? Besides, I need some time to learn to get along with your sister and your parents. "

Kitty's words rendered him speechless.

"Why do I feel that you don't want me to see your parents? Do you really want to experience the feeling when your wife and you mom keep quarreling after marriage just as those soap operas played on TV? Or you don't want me to get along well with your family? "

"I didn't mean that. My sister and my parents are very easy to get along with. They also like you, so you must be able to get along well with each other." ' I just don't want you to know something disgraceful. ' Miller thought to himself.

"Then why do you have so much nonsense? If you can't fall asleep, you can type your books. " Kitty turned around and was about to go to bed. "I have to go to work tomorrow. I don't have time to talk to you anymore."

At last, Miller had no choice but to hold Kitty in his arms and said, "Okay, I won't say anything more. Just go to sleep."

Kitty was really tired. After a whole day's work, and she even had sex with Miller violently. She just closed her eyes and fell asleep soon after it. However, Miller couldn't fall asleep until midnight.

He just hoped that everything would be fine after tomorrow.

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