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   Chapter 472 Miller Is Also A Tricking Person

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"So is you who suggested them to send the baby away."

"Yes, that child is pitiful. Who doesn't feel sorry for her? But no one dares to intervene. I can only advise her in this way. But at the beginning, she didn't want to send the child away, but now she lived like this every day. When would it come to an end? If she was adopted, it would be better than suffering at home. I'm thinking that it might be the woman who sent the child away and then came back to commit suicide."

The woman cleaned the dishes in her hands and continued, "I told that woman about it. If I asked my man to inform her, and she was saw by her man. Her man would beat her up again."

The woman was about to continue, but was called in by the sound in the room. She had no choice but to stand up and said, "Don't tell anyone about it." Then she went into the room with the basin.

Kitty stood aside in a daze. She didn't get back to the car until she was pulled by Miller. As soon as she entered the car, Kitty couldn't help but burst into tears.

"Oh, I see. I've been blaming my mother for abandoning me."

Looking at this, Miller felt sorry for her, but he also knew that if she didn't vent her anger, something would happen to her if she kept it in her heart. He could only hold her tightly.

"I thought she abandoned me. It turned out that she had made up her mind. I blamed her for so many years. I didn't let her rest assured even if she died." Kitty knew better than anyone how cruel that man was. He slapped them even if he had no money, no cigarettes, no drinks, even his mother talking to another man.

Gradually, no one dared to get along with their families.

She had always thought that her mother abandoned her, but it turned out to be unlike this. Her mother just wanted her to have a new environment and live a good life. She had planned to come to see her, but because of some unforeseen events, she dragged her father to die together.

Maybe that man found her missing after he

that he had to force Kitty.

"Don't break up with me. I know it's my fault to make you so tired all the time. It's not that I don't want to be with you. I just haven't convinced myself."

"Now that you can't even handle yourself, I'm not confident that I can handle you. Let's stop the relationship between us," said Miller, trying to get rid of Kitty's hands

There was only one thought in Kitty's mind now, which was she would not leave with Miller. She had already forgotten her previous reserve.

"Don't go. I promise you that I won't be afraid of losing you and I won't make things difficult for you anymore. We get married. You have the final say on our wedding. You can hold the wedding at any time you want, as long as you don't leave me again. " Kitty hugged Miller tightly and her tears melted into Miller clothes. Feeling the warmth from him, she didn't want to go back to the cold life as before.

Feeling the tears on her back, Miller knew that she was crying. He turned around, held up her face and kissed her.

Kitty was stunned at first, but after she came to her senses, she put her arms around Miller's neck and deepened the kiss. Feeling Kitty's response, Miller didn't interrupt her, but pulled her head and kissed her.

It was not easy for him to make Kitty take the initiative to do so.

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