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   Chapter 471

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When Miller returned home, Kitty hadn't come back yet. He took a look at the watch. She should be busy at this time. He heard that she was busy with the latest cooperation case the Wan Group was conducting, so he didn't call to disturb her.

He had finished all his fans meetings. He had been very busy recently, so he specially asked Don to arrange his work after the wedding of Joanna.

he turned on the computer and wanted to browse the news, but she was absent-minded again.

He had accompanied Kitty to the orphanage she had stayed before. Although Kitty had changed a lot when compared with the time she was a child, the orphanage director had a deep impression on Kitty, so she remembered it clearly when Miller mentioned it.

When Kitty arrived at the orphanage, she was covered with new scars of different sizes. As the director of the orphanage who had been working for several years, she had seen all kinds of children. According to her experience, she guessed that Kitty was either abused by the family or abducted. But at that time, Kitty always liked to sit in front of the gate and looked at it, as if she was waiting for someone. But when the director asked her, she did not say anything.

At that time, the police also released the news, but no one came to claim her back home. The director had no choice but to adopt Kitty as an orphan. After a year, Kitty always liked to sit in the same position, but gradually she stopped looking at the gate and sat there quietly reading. She only looked up occasionally when someone came.

Later, Kitty was adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Peter and took her abroad. Since then, there had been no news about her.

According to the information given by the director, Miller and Kitty found the police station where the case had been reported. However, it had been almost twenty years since then and the policemen on active-duty had been changed. No one knew who took Kitty that year and they all lost contact with each other.

Should she give up like this? Miller didn't wa

just watch that girl being treated like this.

"Of course we had tried to stop him. I had also tried to persuade that man, but it was useless at all. And he even beat me. That man was insane when he went crazy, and whoever persuaded him would suffer. We had no choice. After all, it's their family's business, and it has nothing to do with us. "

"Alas, it's also a pity for that girl of that family. It's heartbreaking to see a pure girl with lovely face being beaten so violently like that. Fortunately, that woman listened to my advice and sent that girl away. Otherwise, I don't know how much suffering she would undertake. "

Hearing this, Miller thought that the woman must know something, so he continued to ask, "what do you mean by saying that?"

The woman looked around and found no one beside. Then she said in a low voice, "I don't think you two are living here. Actually I am the only one who knew the truth. Don't spread my words in the village, okay? "

"Of course." Miller nodded.

"It was my man who suggested to send that girl away. The girl would suffer if she stayed with that crazy father. Maybe the girl would be fine after she was sent away. There is an orphanage a few kilometers away from the village. I told her that she can send her daughter there if possible. Don't leave the girl at home and make her suffer. "

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