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   Chapter 470 An Unexpected Surprise

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 6369

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"I'm going to get married. Don't you want my wedding to be perfect? Of course I have to spend more time to worry about it. After all, Wilson is a man. Many things are not handled so well and not so careful. "

Miller looked Joanna and said, "I won't hold you accountable this time. There won't be such a good thing as you get married next time."

Without thinking, Joanna said, "It won't happen again." Then it dawned on her and she pretended to hit Miller. "You cursed me."

Miller begged immediately, "Ouch, calm down. It's not a big deal to make a fuss in front of a pregnant woman."

Hearing Miller's words, it seemed that something occurred to Joanna. She quickly sat down and said, "In fact, I have something to tell you, but you two have to promise to keep it a secret. You two are the third people in the world to know."

Now it was Rita and Miller looked each other. They looked at Joanna in confusion. "If we two are ranked third, who are the first two?"

"Of course it's me and the doctor."

"Doctor?" Miller spoke loudly, "Do you have an incurable disease? Now you have to tell us about your funeral."

Rita rolled her eyes and knocked on Miller head. "Are you stupid? Look at her shy face. Does she seem to have an incurable disease?"

"Yes, you just know how to curse me." Joanna echoed.

"Why do you always hit me? Just say it. Don't make me gasp."

With a shy smile, Joanna said, "I'm pregnant."

"Oh, you are pregnant." Rita said calmly. It took her two seconds to react. "What? You are pregnant?"

With the same shocked look on Miller face, he couldn't believe what he had heard from Joanna.

"Are you serious?"

"Why should I lie to you?" She took out the doctor's examination list from her bag and said, "Look, the result of the doctor's examination this morning."

After all, Rita had experienced it once, so she knew it well. She took the test report and lo

ding dress before dawn?

Joanna liked this wedding dress very much, so she looked back and forth at the photos several times. It seemed that she had been familiar with it for a long time, so at the first sight of it, she was sure that she was right, but she was curious why she appeared here.

"Yes, it's your wedding dress."

"But why are you here?" Shouldn't the wedding dress be in the wedding dress shop? Or did Wilson just buy it home?

"W went back to City H to escort this wedding dress." Wilson said with a smile.

"You mean..." Joanna looked at W in shock. She couldn't believe it. Was it really what she thought?

"Your guess is correct. I designed and made this wedding dress myself. Many details were provided by Wilson. He wanted to give you a surprise, so last time he showed you the photos, he didn't tell you that I made it. Are you moved? " W's words confirmed Joanna guess.

Unexpectedly, in order to fulfill her wish, Wilson really went to find w. Wilson hugged Wilson excitedly. "Thank you for doing this for me."

Wilson touched her hair with a smile and said, "Honey, as long as you are happy, everything is worth it."

The sweet atmosphere between the two made W scream, "Hey, can you two be careful? There is a single dog here."

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