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   Chapter 469

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Looking at the woman sitting in front of her, Tina couldn't help but feel nervous. She reached out her hand and poured a cup of tea for that lady. "Auntie, nice to meet you. I was too reckless before and offended you. I hope you won't be mad at me. I am really sorry. Please forgive me."

Susanna motioned for Tina to sit down first. "Take a seat first. I was also wrong about what happened that day. I misunderstood you."

Hearing Susanna's words, Tina was relieved. "I know that you are thinking for the sake of Charlie. I can understand."

"It's good that you understand. Charlie is spoiled by everyone in the family, so sometimes he has a childish temper. I hope you can be more tolerant to him in the future."


Before Tina could respond to Susanna, Susanna continued, "he hasn't done any housework since he was a child, nor has he been worried about the family's affairs. So I hope you can teach him more about it."

At this moment, Tina finally understood the meaning of Susanna's words. The only topic that the two had in common was Charlie, so it was best to talk more about him.

"Auntie, don't worry. I will take good care of her."

"Besides, Charlie will inherit the family business in the future. Our family, the An Clan, is a big family in City H. As his wife, I hope you can think more about him."

The whole afternoon, they talked for a long time. If Susanna hadn't needed to go to the airport to pick up Charlie's father, she would have a lot to talk to Tina.

After sending Susanna away, it occurred to Tina that the mother of Charlie was completely different from the one she met for the first time.

Tina chuckled and went back to her own home.

Meanwhile, after Rita fell down accidentally last time, the family took care of her more carefully. In the beginning, Rita didn't plan to spread that accident everywhere, but it was still known by both of Joanna and Miller. Therefore, the two directly rushed to Rita's house to see her.

children at one time, I don't need to be pregnant again if you want one more baby."

"I think so too. You two don't know how crazy my mother and my mother-in-law are since then. They force me to drink nutritious soup every day, and then I was fed with nice food very well every day. I think after I give birth to my babies, it must be a long way for me to lose weight." Rita touched her belly happily, but she was still not reconciled when she thought that her figure would be out of shape.

"Oh, what are you thinking about now? It's lucky that your mother and mother-in-law fed you well. Otherwise, if might have lost your babies during that accident. "

After thinking for a while, Rita agreed with her. Then she said, "you can have dinner here together with us and have a good chat with me. Now I'm staying at home all day long and looking at Glenn all day long. I'm almost bored to death."

"Humph! Glenn specially asked for leave to stay with you at home. I wish Kitty could stay at home with me all day long. Well, but Kitty is too capable to be granted for a leave. Someone has been preparing for the wedding recently, and everything has been handed over to Kitty. I feel sorry for her when she comes back home in a dog-tired expression every day. " Obviously, what Miller said was directed at Joanna.

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