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   Chapter 432

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It took Kitty a long time to find a dress with a slightly higher collar, and then she looked at the mirror for a long time. She finally covered it all those love bites with the concealer. She looked around and thought it might not be easy to noticed, so she packed up her things and was ready to go out.

Kitty was changing her shoes at the door. While Miller leaned against the wall and looked at Kitty, he was so afraid that Kitty would vent her anger on him in the morning. Kitty cast a glance at him and said, "sleep on the sofa tonight." Then she closed the door and set out.

However, she didn't pay much attention to Kitty's words. Anyway, she had been busy all day and would probably forget it when she came back home. Miller sat down in the study and called Kitty's foster mother. He had nothing else to do today, so he'd better investigate Kitty's background. Maybe he could find out where Kitty used to live, so that she wouldn't waste too much time on Saturday.

"Nice to meet you, auntie. I am Miller, Kitty's boyfriend."

"Miller? Why are you calling me? "

"I have something to ask you. Do you still remember which orphanage you had been to adopt Kitty? "

Her foster mother thought for A while. "It seems to be an orphanage in City A. I remember there is a relatively small amusement park not far away. What's its name? Let me think about it Its name seemed to be... Star Light Orphanage Probably this is the name of it. What do you ask that for? "

Taking note of what Kitty's foster mother, Mrs. Peter, said on the phone, just in case it might be forgotten after the phone was hung up, Miller said, "the psychologist advised Kitty to go back to the place where she used to live when she was a child, so as to remove her inner fear."

Mrs. Peter kept silent for a moment, and her tone sounded a bit severe. "She began to think about the past again?"

"Yes, I think she won't be afraid any more if she could overcome the fear of her past. But did she also have such a symptom before?"

"When she first came to our house, she often had nightmares. She didn't dare to turn off the light at night while sleeping, and she was always afraid

What's the matter?"

Kitty overreacted. Joanna looked at her in confusion. "Well, I just thought there was something dirty on your neck and wanted to help you wipe them off."

"It doesn't matter. I can do it myself." Kitty turned around awkwardly, but still put her hands on her neck to cover it. Kitty had scolded Miller in her heart for several times. Ir was all his fault that made her so embarrassed.

As soon as the two got out of the elevator, Kitty ran to the restroom first. She looked at her neck and found that she was too anxious when she went out just now, and the concealer hadn't covered the bite thoroughly. That was why it was noticed by Joanna.

After confirming that she had successfully applied extra concealer to cover the bite, Kitty was about to go to work. As soon as she opened the door of the restroom, she saw Joanna leaning against the door with her arms crossed over her chest, smiling weirdly.

"In fact, you can ask for a day off. I'm not that kind of mean boss. And I suppose Miller also want you to have a day off."

Kitty looked at Joanna awkwardly, knowing that she had already guessed what the stains were, and didn't know what to answer.

"How about I give you a day off? Otherwise, you would be too tired to handle your work." Joanna said ambiguously. Seeing Kitty's blushed face, Joanna felt more interesting.

"No, I'm fine." Kitty smiled awkwardly as if all her secrets had been revealed.

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