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   Chapter 409

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 6468

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Joanna rolled her eyes. Since she took over the Wan Group, she had learned a lot from Helen. She had to be strong and tough. Now she was the biggest leader of the Wan Group.

"I'm the chairman of the board now. I can leave whenever I want. Do I need restrain myself because of their complaint? If you don't want to work here, you can resign by yourself. If you still want to continue you job, get back to work now. " After saying that, Joanna turned around and left. Although Charlie was indeed a nice assistant, sometimes he was too nosy.

Although there was no traffic jam on the way, when Joanna and Wilson arrived at the airport, the flight Miller took had already landed. When they stepped in the airport and walked in, they saw Glenn from a distance.

"I saw Glenn. Let's go." Wilson pointed at Glenn who was standing from a distance. And Joanna noticed him as Wilson pointed at him.

"Who is that woman standing beside him?" Joanna asked. She had known Rita for so many years, and she had never worn flat shoes since she went to college. So the woman in plain clothes beside Glenn might not be Rita. But the postures of the two were as the same of a couple that it was hard not deny that she might be Rita.

"I don't know. Let's go and have a look."

Joanna nodded and walked towards Glenn with Wilson.

The moment Joanna saw Rita, she stammered.

"You, you, you..." Joanna glanced at Rita up and down. She couldn't believe what she saw. She almost went up to pinch Rita's face to make sure if she was Rita. Or was she another woman who just looked so much alike her.

With a look of disgust on her face, Rita slapped away her hands "What are you doing? Don't you recognize me? Don't make a fuss. Behave yourself. "

Joanna still couldn't believe it. She leaned over and smelled the scent of Rita, but it seemed that Rita didn't apply any perfume. It didn't make sense.

Rita pushed Joanna's face away and said,

taurant. You can ask her for answer by yourself later."

"Humph, boring."

Joanna said jokingly. She stopped thinking about it anymore. Anyway, she would know by then.

The two cars soon arrived at the restaurant. They soon entered and took the seats they have reserved. Looking at Rita, Joanna said seriously, "well, tell me now. What's wrong with you?"

Rita said shyly as she rubbed her hair and looked at Glenn in embarrassment.

"I'm going to be a mother."

As soon as Rita finished speaking, all the four people present, except for Glenn, stared at Rita in surprise. "Are you serious? Are you pregnant? "

"Why should I lie to you? It has been more than six weeks. So I can't put on makeup or use perfume now. I even give up my favorite high-heeled shoes. For the sake of my baby, I have to restrain myself for the time being. "

"Well, you are so determined. I never expect that."

"That's for sure. All right, now you all know the reason. Let's order some dishes." Rita took the menu from the waiter and chattered, "You have no idea how boring and annoying for me to stay home during these days. Glenn's mom keep persuading me to eat as much as possible so as to make sure I and my baby could be fed with enough nutrition. I think I've gained so much weight now. "

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