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   Chapter 404

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But the information he got showed that Kitty, who was about to marry him, was a very capable person, and she was the chief assistant of the Wan Group. Then she could help him with the business of the Yuanshan group in the future. Then Leo would have nothing to worry about in the rest of his life. Thinking of this, he laughed happily.

But his father was dissatisfied with him when seeing him acting so waywardly. "Why the hell do you think you are, ah? You could do nothing but hang out with your mercenary friends for drinking and sex."

"Dad, come on, I am an adult and I am mature enough. I know what I am doing. Don't worry about me."

"You Look at yourself. No wonder she called off the engagement. No wonder nobody is willing to marry you. "

"What's wrong with me? I'm fine Wait, you just said that she called off the engagement? You mean the woman called Kitty called off the engagement? "

Hearing that, his father who was sitting opposite to him sighed, "yes, she came to my office this morning and said that she was sorry to call off the engagement with you. Even the financial crisis of their company has been solve smoothly. Alas, I had dreamed that Kitty would help me manage our company after she married you and becomes part of our family. At least she could manage to retain most of our property with her skills and restrain your lavishness on money Alas. "

Leo didn't hear a word of the following words, and his mind was full of the fact that Kitty had called off the engagement. He had planned to have fun with that woman after marriage, but now something unexpected like that suddenly happened. Leo couldn't never bear the sense of loss to be rejected by a woman.

"Even if they have gone through the financial crisis, if you use some tricks, they will still come to beg you for pardon!"

"Now the Star Corporation is backed by the KW International. Do you think we could defeat the KW International? The KW International could simply shut down our business as long as they wish. There's nothing else I could do about the cancelled engagement. If you were capable

ontrol myself and I want to beat him?"

"Don't worry. You won't. I'm here with you. I know you are cultivated."

In fact, in front of Kitty, the image of a gentleman was the most important for Miller. The two of them said goodbye to Mrs. Peter and then headed to the restaurant

Miller was worried that Leo would do something bad to Kitty. After all, the information about him showed his previous scandals. Miller was still quite worried, so he called Louis and asked him to send two bodyguards to secretly protect them. If there was anything wrong, Louis could be also informed of it. Louis agreed without hesitation and immediately sent two bodyguards there.

"You don't have to do that, do you?" Kitty was amused by his reaction. She thought that Miller was making a fuss. She believed that Leo wouldn't do anything bad to her.

However, Miller just shook his head. It seemed that Kitty didn't know much about Leo, so she had to take preventive measures in advance. "I just want to be relieved. You don't know much about him. I'm afraid that he will do something to hurt you."

Kitty nodded. She didn't mind if it could make him feel better.

On the other side, [Leo] hung up the phone, tapped the steering wheel and drove to the restaurant. 'I must teach her a lesson today. I have never been ignored like this. I will show you what I got and make you regret what you have done.'.

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