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   Chapter 399

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 6833

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Kitty didn't even want to stay here any longer. It seemed that the arrogance of Leo was a kind of heredity from his father. Not only the son was cocky, but also his father.

Although with her own ability, she might manage to keep herself from being bullied even after marriage, it was still worth celebrating that she successfully cancelled the engagement.

"Kitty, what do you mean by saying you got some filthy means of their company?"

"I know he would never agree to compromise today. So I search for the information of Yuanshan company yesterday. And I found out that it has engaged in real estate during those years after its startup. It's easy to find some scandal about it during that period. So I did some preparation for counterattack. I just want to fight back if it's difficult to deal with. " Kitty comforted her foster mother Mrs. Peter, "don't worry. I will handle it well. I am capable of dealing with it."

Mrs. Peter didn't say anything more. She knew well about Kitty's capability. Now that Kitty had said so, she didn't need to worry about it anymore.

"By the way, mom, my boyfriend in China will come to my house to visit us this afternoon. What do you think..."

Kitty was interrupted by Mrs. Peter before she could finished, "is he the man who went to see your father yesterday?"

Kitty nodded and replied, "yes, he came to our house to meet me but I called the police to drive him away." Speaking of this, Kitty felt sorry for him. Miller had traveled thousands of miles to Seattle, but he had been arrested because of Kitty. Kitty suddenly recalled that Louis, the president of the KW International company, who had engaged in a cooperation project with Yan group. She guessed that it was Wilson who asked Louis to help Miller this time.

"I'm really sorry for what happened in the police station. Your father told me that he came from China. Although I haven't met him before, I think he cares about you very much. Otherwise, few men would be willing to sacrifice so much for his girlfriend."

Hearing Mrs

said, "from now on, this is your new home. And your name is Kitty. You can live here with us. In this house, you can enjoy adequate and delicious food, wear beautiful clothes, and go to school as other kids."

Although Kitty didn't understand what the woman was talking about, she was willing to live in such a beautiful house for the rest of her life no matter what she was asked to do.

Although her foster parents were busy with their work, they still cared about Kitty very much as long as they were at home. Children who had stayed in the orphanage for a period of time were all sensible kids, so Kitty knew that she should keep her observance of the family since her foster parents were all nice to her.

She had seen children who were adopted and sent back in the orphanage again, whose bodies were covered with all kinds of wounds. Fortunately, Kitty met a generous and kind-hearted couple to be her foster parents.

She was well treated except for the suffering of loneliness.

Kitty was an Asian child. In the eyes of those white kids and black kids around her, she was the freak. She couldn't speak English when she just arrived in America, so few children around her could communicate with her. As time went by, Kitty became a little introverted.

As Kitty grew older, she didn't have many friends even though she totally mastered English.

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