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   Chapter 398

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 6865

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Kitty was grateful to her adoptive father from the bottom of her heart. If he hadn't adopted her and brought her home when she was a child, she would still be an orphan. Without such a warm family atmosphere, she wouldn't have received education in a good university, and she wouldn't have such a wonderful life as now.

Now Peter even claimed that Kitty's own wish and well-being should be the most important to be taken into account. No matter whether they were really connected by blood or not, she would keep her gratitude deep in her mind.

Miller guessed that Peter would probably talk to Kitty after he went back. Although he didn't know the result, at least now Kitty didn't need to compromise with the marriage, so Kitty was no longer the fiancee of Leo.

So Miller called Kitty. Kitty was sitting in her room in a daze when her phone rang. Looking at the familiar number on the screen, Kitty felt sorry for him.

Even if she didn't note Miller's name on his number, she was familiar with it. She knew that Miller had chased her all the way to Seattle, but she had been refusing his love before. Could he still choose to forgive her selfishness?

With uncertainty, Kitty picked up the phone. She knew it was Miller on the other end of the line, but she didn't know how to talk to him.

Noticing that the phone was answered but Kitty didn't say anything, Miller knew that Kitty must be struggling, so he had to break the ice.

"Are you at home, Kitty?"


"Did your father tell you what happened today?"

"Yes, he did. Thank you."

"So, can you come back to me now? Without you, I may not be able to have meals on time, or I may not be in the mood to clean up the house. After all, no one will come to visit me in my house except you, and I may not wash my clothes and tidy up myself. After all, no one admires me no matter how well I spruce myself. "

Hearing the tender voice of Miller, Kitty couldn't help but burst into tears. She was a person who would always gulp back her tears before, but after she met Miller, she


"No, that's not what we mean. We just..."

"Well, stop it. I won't agree. I agreed to your mother's request before for the sake of your father. Now you don't need our support anymore. And do you think you can do whatever to me? Who do you think you are? How dare you talk to me like that? It's settled. And you should marry my son Leo! "

Hearing this, Kitty took a deep breath and her sight started to get sharp. It seemed that she had expected the consequence. Fortunately, she had made a plan to counteract the situation in advance.

"Uncle, since you insist so, I am afraid that I have to make things straight. The Yuanshan company is indeed more powerful than our family business, but now it is the KW International who support us with investment. Do you think you can be paralleled with the KW International?"

With a serious look on her face, Kitty continued, "what's more, I got something about the dark secret of your business. Do you want me to tell you something about the filthy means of your company that I just got in my hands. Besides, your son is just a jerk, so I won't marry a jerk like him. "

"I have finished what I want to say. You can still announce the engagement to the public regardless of my opinion. But I am not sure whether your credit would be seriously damaged if you do so." Kitty then left with her foster mother.

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