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   Chapter 397

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"That's it. I'm willing to help you for the sake of your daughter."

"My daughter? Do you know Kitty? Why didn't she mention her acquaintance with you to me? "

"No, she doesn't know me, but I know your daughter's boyfriend, and he is the man sitting beside me, his name is Miller."

Peter looked at the man who had been sitting next to Louis in surprise. He had thought that he was just the assistant of Louis, but now he was his daughter's boyfriend. The news was too shocking.

"You are Kitty's boyfriend? "

"Nice to meet you, uncle Peter. I'm sorry to bother you. But Kitty hasn't refused to meet me, so I have no choice but come to you. Kitty also knew about your company's affairs, so she came back. It was also because her mother arranged a marriage for her with the successor of the Yuanshan company, the guy named Leo, that she broke up with me and came back for the marriage. "

Peter was even more shocked. The information made him more and more confused. "What the hell is going on? Just make it short."

Seeing that Peter was a little angry, Miller was a bit frightened, but he was encouraged by Louis's hint, so he said it out directly.

"I went to your home to meet Kitty, but she refused me. I heard from the servant that her mother agreed to the proposal of the Yuanshan company, so Kitty came back for that."

As soon as Miller finished his words, Peter thumped on the table and said, "how dare her!" Realizing that he misbehaved a bit, Peter calmed himself down and said to Louis and Miller, "I'm really sorry. I have something else to deal with and I need to go home right now. I am sorry for my oversight."

"It doesn't matter. You must deal with the family affairs well." Louis said casually, and then took the lead to go out with Miller.

As soon as Louis left, Peter hurried back home. He had to make it clear now. When Peter came back home, Kitty and her foster mother happened to be at home. Seeing Peter enter the house, her foster mother asked curiously, "why do you come back so early today?"

"Where is Kitty?"

"She's in her room. What's the matter?" Her foster mother also noticed that Peter looked a bit

elings right? "

Peter sighed. He knew that they all cared about him. Although he was in a fit of anger now, he could tell right from wrong.

"If they hadn't come to the company to meet me, I would still be kept in the dark by you. You'd better go to the Yuanshan company tomorrow and cancel the marriage. "

"I see." Her foster mother knew that if she didn't do as Peter said, and she would be nagged for a long time.

"If you cancel the engagement with Leo, what about the company's business?"

"You don't need to worry about that anymore. Today, the president of the KW international, Mr. Louis, has already set up a cooperation with us. And he will offer us a big amount of investment. As for your own business, I heard from your boyfriend that he had come to meet you at the corridor. Why did you refuse to see him? It's not easy for him to cancel everything on his schedule and come to meet you from China all the way through. It can be seen that he really loves you. "

"I know he is good to me, but..."

"Don't be hesitant. Everything is settled now. I haven't been so decadent to trade your marriage for my business. Although the company is my painstaking efforts, you are also my treasure. I hope you can be happy with your marriage. I met that your boyfriend today. I think he is an excellent man and I am sure he will be nice to you. If you two get married, I will be also satisfied."

"I see. Thank you, Dad."

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