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   Chapter 396

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The two of them went back to the hotel first. Having stayed in the police station for a day and a night, the dark circles under Miller's eyes had also increased a lot, and his face was gaunt.

"Go take a shower and have a good sleep. You need to keep up your spirit." Louis patted on his shoulder and sat down on the sofa.

"Shouldn't we go to have a talk with Kitty's father now?"

"Look at you. You are so pale now. Do you want to see your future father-in-law like this? Even if you manage to help Kitty cancel the engagement with Leo, do you think it is appropriate for you to meet her family in such a haggard face? "

Hearing what Louis said, Miller looked down at herself. He knew that he must be in a bad state and look awful, but he really didn't notice it at all.

"You can sit here for a while. I'll take a shower then." Then he took his clothes and went into the bathroom. Seeing that Miller had entered the bathroom, Louis took out his phone after Miller began to take a shower.

"Hello, help me get the information about a company. Send the message to my phone as soon as possible..."

As the saying goes, "know yourself and your enemy, and you can fight a hundred battles with no risk of defeat." only by truly understanding the situation of the other party could he accurately grasp the vital point of it.

Both Louis and Miller took a break in the hotel. At noon, the two of them went to have lunch together and then went directly to the company of Kitty's father. In the car, Louis looked at the information in his mobile phone. Kitty's father's company was not a big and significant one, but it was a daily used chemical company and had a good reputation in the domestic market. However, because Kitty's father had always followed the old industrial procedure, the company's situation had been worse in recent years. This was also the reason why the Yuanshan company funded it and arranged a marriage by the way.

However, the KW international was much more powerful and resourceful than the Yuanshan group, and the financial support it offered must be much better than that of the Yuanshan company.


your kindness, Mr. Louis. I wonder what is your plan. Mr. Louis? "

Seeing that Peter was about to accept his offer, Louis sat up straight and said, "it seems that Mr. Peter also wants to cooperate with you. Then I won't beat around the bush. I can sponsor your company, but I have some requests."

"Please go ahead."

"I will give you ten million dollars to help you get through the financial challenge. But no offense, Mr. Peter, you are getting old. I know it's a pity for you that your daughter doesn't want to inherit the family business, but I think you still need to have a heir for your company. If you operate your company in the old way, no matter how much money we have invested, I am afraid that the Star Corporation will still decline. Am I right? "

"Yes, you are right, I understand what you suggested. I'll do as you said. I know I'm not suitable to manage the company now, and I'm looking for a suitable person to take charge of it recently."

"Now that you understand my suggestion, I'll tell you what I want. I'll lend you ten million dollars. You just need to pay me back the debt within three years. "

"Is it that simple?" Even Peter was a little surprised that the consideration was so simple. Even in the past, the annual profit of the Star Corporation was tens of millions. If it was after the reform, the profit would be much more than that, so this condition was basically not a big deal.

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