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   Chapter 394

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 6839

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Wilson looked at Joanna with a smile. He really felt that she would become a babysitter of Miller soon. Miller was a man over twenty, not a child. There was no need for her to take care of him just like a baby.

"Don't think too much. Miller is a mature adult and will be responsible for what he has done. You should trust him."

Glancing sideways at the faces of Wilson, Joanna sighed and said, "Generally speaking, I do trust Miller and his ability to handle things. But as the saying goes, people in love are all incapable of everything. Look at him, he didn't even tell me something about it before and he rashly took a flight to Seattle without any notice for the press and the fans. That is what you call a mature adult? How could it be possible for me to trust him in that way? "

Wilson didn't know how to persuade her. "I believe that Miller has taken all the consequences into account, but he still insists on going to Seattle. It means that he cares more about Kitty than being famous. Even if he might lose his popularity as a famous writer, I believe he will still feel worthy and happy if he could win back Kitty's love. "

"I know what you are talking about..." Joanna heaved a heavy sigh and continued, "I just feel a bit pity for him. After all, Miller has worked so hard for her, and now it is very likely that his efforts will be in vain. Well, forget it. I have to go now. There are still a lot of things to deal with in the company. "

Before Wilson could react, Joanna had disappeared in the office. He shook his head and felt that he seemed not that important for Joanna. Recently, Joanna had been busy with the matters of the Wan Group and hadn't spent time with him together for a long time.

The cooperation project with the KW International was about to come to an end. The next thing Wilson was going to plan was their wedding. But it seemed that Joanna had completely forgotten it. It seemed that Wilson had to do it himself to arrange the ceremony.

On the other side, Louis hung up the phone and asked his a

ersation between the two policemen, Miller seemed to be more confirmed that Louis was indeed not a big guy.

As soon as Miller entered the office of the police chief, he saw a man with a flattering smile coming up and ordering the two policemen beside him, "what are you waiting for? Unlock the handcuffs now."

The two of them looked at each other in dismay. ' Don't we need to go through the procedure? '

When the chief saw them hesitate, his face turned even angrier. He raised his voice and shouted, "I told you to unlock the handcuffs as soon as possible. Don't you understand?"

The two of them had to unlock the handcuffs for Miller and then stepped aside.

The police chief looked at Louis and said, "Mr. Louis, the man you want is here. You can take him away now."

Without even taking a look at Miller, Louis said to the police chief lazily, "do you remember what I just told you?"

"I remember. Don't worry. I will ask someone to delete all the related files."

"That's good." Ignoring the police chief, Louis walked up to Miller and asked him in Chinese, "Are you Miller?"

Miller nodded to show his answer.

"Okay, let's go back to your hotel first."

Louis took the lead in walking outside. the his assistant gestured for Miller to follow Louis. The assistant had to supervise those police to delete all the files about Miller.

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