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   Chapter 392 Missing after Closing the Door

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After giving [Leo] a few hard punches on the head, she left quietly. Seeing that Leo hadn't come back for a long time, Leo's friends went to the bathroom to look for him. As soon as they opened the door, they saw that Leo fainted in the bathroom, and his head was a little red and swollen. It seemed that he was beaten. Everyone looked at each other, and then they worked together to send Leo to the hospital.

When Leo woke up in the hospital, he pointed at the nurse in the hospital and cursed. He sent someone to check the surveillance video of the bar, but he was told that the surveillance video was maliciously covered, so he didn't know who did this to Leo.

The manager of the bar was also frightened. He was afraid that if [Leo] blamed him, the bar wouldn't open again.

Miller gave Leo a hard lesson. Although she felt a little relieved, she was still thinking about how to stop Kitty from marrying him. So Miller went straight to Kitty's house. As soon as she went out, she saw the maid standing outside the door. She was stunned for a second when she saw Miller was out the door, and when Miller was about to step forward, the maid entered the door again and closed it. Then she immediately reported to Kitty.

"Miss Kitty, the man waited you before is waiting for you at the door again." The maid rushed to Kitty's room.

"He came again?" Kitty frowned and looked out of the window. She did see that Miller was standing at the door, leaning against the wall and lowering her head. No one knew what he was thinking.

Kitty felt a sting in her eyes and wanted to go downstairs and hug him after seeing the back of Miller, but the two had nothing to do with each other and she couldn't give him any more thought.

She turned around and said to the servant, "I told you last time that I don't want to see him. Just drive him away."

"I see." After hesitating for a while, the servant turned around and went downstairs. She was just a servant of Kitty's house, and she had no right to ask about the master's affairs. It was be

trip here. He heard that I was back, so he must pay a visit. You know I don't like this kind of relationship, so it's better not to see each other. What's more, if people in the company know that we meet in private, I don't know what will happen. It doesn't matter that I have resigned, but after all, it's still not good for him."

Hearing Kitty's words, her foster mother nodded approvingly. She also knew that Kitty was very quiet since childhood. She didn't like to get along with others and didn't have many friends. "Well, do you need me to drive him away?"

Kitty was stunned by her foster mother's words. Should she drive him away? Even if she couldn't meet him, she was already satisfied that she could hear his voice through the wall or peek at him. Then Kitty nodded and said to her foster mother that she was in trouble. But if she didn't drive him away, her foster mother might doubt her.

Her foster mother nodded and left Kitty's room. Kitty sat at her desk, reading a book, but she didn't read a word and no word came in her mind.

Hearing the voice outside, her hands trembled slightly.

After a while, she noticed that there was no sound of Miller outside. She quietly opened a corner of the curtain and saw the back of the police car. She silently put down the curtain.

If so, would he shrink back because he met some difficulties?

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