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   Chapter 389

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Helen patted her head and said, "Sorry, I almost forget it. Let me formally introduce you to each other." As soon as Helen finished speaking, she took the hand of Joanna and stood up. "The one standing next to me, Miss Joanna, is my granddaughter, and also the legal heir of the Wan Group. As for why her surname is not the same as my family, I don't think I have the obligation to tell you about our family affairs. Do you have anything else to be dissatisfied with now? "

What Helen said was like a bomb that shocked everyone. They had always thought that Joanna was just a newcomer to the company, which meant that she would at most become a close assistant as Kitty. Nobody would have expected that she was the granddaughter of Helen.

Because Helen was going to announce the successor of the company, she asked assistant Race to find a famous newspaper press to attend the press conference. A few reporters took photos of Helen and Joanna with cameras. They could imagine that tomorrow's headline of the newspaper would definitely be the news about the Wan Group.

"Well, that's it. I'm old and I don't have much time to deal with the business of the company. I'm relieved to leave the Wan group to Joanna. Now I announce in front of all the members of the board and reporters that I'm handing over all the power of my position as director to Joanna. She's the new chairman of the Wan Group. The meeting is over. "

The tone of Helen was unquestionable. It was said that the Wan Group was created by her. Even if she did not hold this board meeting, no one would dare to have any objection. She just wanted to go through a formal process. Otherwise, by then, some old members of the board would definitely make things difficult for Joanna.

Following her, Joanna went back to her office. Assistant Race handed the documents in his hands to her, and then left with Charlie.

With the document in her hand opened, Helen asked Joanna to take a seat. She put


"But her father doesn't allow it, does he? Why did she insist on that? "

"Well, Mrs. is still worried about the company's situation, and this matter is conducted secretly so she kept it from the old lord. And he only thinks that Miss Kitty just came back to visit them.

The two girls walked over in front of him and didn't care who the guy standing beside the wall was. Although the two girls were talking in different language, Miller could understand the content. He recalled what the two girls had just said, and his doubts that had been troubling him were finally solved.

It turned out that Kitty really had her own difficulties. She had to give up the relationship not because she didn't love Miller anymore, but because of her family.

"Excuse me, do you know where Kitty is now?" Since the two girls knew that Kitty was going to meet that man, they might know where Kitty was going to meet.

The two of them were still in a daze as they looked at Miller. Who was he? Why did he ask about the private matter of Kitty? When they were about to ignore him and leave, they were stopped by Miller immediately.

"Please tell me where Kitty is now. I really have something urgent to tell her." Looking at the two girls in front of him, Miller hoped they could tell her where Kitty was now.

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