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   Chapter 387

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Holding Rita's waist, he said proudly, "Yes, it's true. I went to the hospital to have a check-up this morning. The doctor said she has been pregnant for 6 weeks."

As soon as Glenn finished his words, he didn't expect that Mrs. Scott was more excited. She quickly asked Rita to sit down and said, "don't always stand there. 6 weeks is not a stable period. Let me tell you, you must have a good rest during this period of time. Otherwise, it will be bad for you and the baby in your belly."

Rita looked at her mother. Was it so serious? Scott was still in a daze, knowing that Mrs. Scott had called him. "You found out what's going on yet? You are so retarded in your brain."

"No, no, No. I understand what was going on. I'm just too excited to say anything."

Freda sat down beside Mrs. Scott in a hurry. "Mrs. Scott, I've asked Rita to move back to live with us. If Rita and Glenn live alone in their own house, as rookie parents, I don't think they could handle everything well since they know nothing about what to do during pregnancy. And I am experienced about it. I think I could help Rita to get everything prepared. "

Mrs. Scott was glad to hear that. "That's a good idea. Well, do you have enough room in your house. I also want to live here with Rita. Or it will be a bit tricky for you to take care of Rita only on your own. "

"It would be the best if you could move here as well. With your mother by your side, Rita would be more relaxed. Then you can go home to pack up and move here, and I will ask someone to clean your room. Let me tell you. I told them to sleep in separate rooms, but they were unwilling to do so. They were arguing with me just now. "

Hearing this, Mrs. Scott turned to look at Rita and Glenn and said earnestly, "we have to sleep in separate rooms for the sake of the baby. You are still young and have a long future. After the childbirth, you can do whatever you want after that. At that time,

then worked in the Wan Group. You can give up such a highly paid job. I really want to know the reason. "

Kitty was shocked, but her expression didn't change. "It's my private issue. It has nothing to do with you."

"All right, all right. I won't ask anymore." After saying that, Leo called the waiter over and said to Kitty through the menu, "I often come to this restaurant. The dishes there are good." He ordered a few dishes casually and returned the menu to the waiter.

Looking at the person in front of her, Kitty's mind was full of Miller. Every time the two of them made an appointment to meet, he would arrive earlier than her no matter how busy he was; every time they had dinner, he would always pass the menu to her and let her order first; no matter how tired he was, he would clean himself up before coming to meet her.

"Miss Kitty, I hope we can still live our own life after we get married. I have my own private life. I think you have also investigated my information. You must know what kind of person I am. Don't think that I will give up after I get married. Leave me alone, and I won't ask anything about your private life. "

"Of course it's the best if you can do that. I think Mr. Leo is so romantic that you won't fall in love with a boring person like me."

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