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   Chapter 382 a physical examination in the hospital

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The second day, Rita went to the hospital to have a check. When she left home, Glenn was still sleeping. She thought for a while and still didn't wake him up. He had been very tired recently because of the investigation of Kitty, so she'd better let him sleep a little longer. Rita closed the door and drove to the hospital. Recently, she always felt very tired. She didn't know what happened. Yesterday when Glenn was frolicking with her, she felt uncomfortable and she noticed there might be something wrong with her body.

Rita was really afraid of any bad situation of her own health. But she was optimistic. Even if there was really something wrong, she would find it earlier and cure it earlier. So she didn't care about it too much.

It was still early for Rita to arrive at the hospital, but there were already a lot of people waiting in line to see the doctor. Because she didn't know what was wrong with her, she registered for a gynecology outpatient. She could change another doctor the receive treatment after she confirmed her diagnosis. Sitting on the chair in the corridor, Rita was idly browsing through her mobile phone.

All of a sudden, a child fell down in front of Rita. Rita quickly put down her mobile phone, squatted down and helped the child up. She patted the dust on the child's body and said, "Hey kid, does it hurt?"

The little boy obediently let Rita dusted him and said, "it doesn't hurt. Thank you."

"Son, did you get hurt?" At this time, the child's mother came over and said half squatting.

"Mom, I'm fine. It's this beautiful lady helped me up."

The child's mother touched her child's hair lovingly and said to Rita, who was standing aside, "thank you very much, miss. My son is a naughty boy. It's good that he didn't bump into you."

Seeing the pregnant woman with a big belly, Rita immediately waved her hand and said, "I'm fine. It's normal for a little boy to be naughty

hat it have retarded more than half a month. My period hasn't been stable all the time. It's often advanced or retard for a few days, but it's the first time that it took so long. Is it because I was too tired recently? "

The woman doctor adjusted her glasses and said, "it's very common for woman to have an unstable period, and the cause is also different. Have you been feeling chest stuffy, nausea and loss of appetite recently? "

"A little, but not often."

The woman doctor winked at the nurse next to her and said to Rita, "you go to have an examination with the nurse first."

Seeing the doctor's action, Rita was shocked. "Doctor, is there really something wrong with me?"

The doctor smiled and said, "it's not a big problem. It's just a small test of your body. Don't worry. Just follow her."

Rita looked at the doctor suspiciously. She felt something was wrong with her body, but she still followed the nurse to do the test.

Half an hour later, Rita was led back to the doctor's office by the nurse. The nurse handed the paper to the doctor and then left.

"Doctor, do you know what's wrong with me?"

The doctor looked at the paper that the nurse had just brought, and her face softened. She said to Rita, "Miss Rita, you're not sick. Don't worry."

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